DIY | Old Shirts into Stretchy Necklace

DIY | Old Shirts into Stretchy Necklace


Oh my! A new necklace with braids and a flower for free! Just reuse an old stretchy shirt and start crafting! 
Perfect for the holidays or as a gift!
Tutorial on how to make this necklace:
1. Cut strips of fabric from an old shirt
2. Braid the strips into three different braids (see picture below on how to braid a three string braid). You  can mix colors up if you’re shirt has different color palettes. 
3. Make a fabric flower from the shirts leftovers with this tutorial
4. Sew the fabric flower to you’re braids, this way the braids will stay together.
5. All finished!
making necklace shirt diy
Pictures by Lana

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