DIY | Painted Fabric Ornaments

DIY | Painted Fabric Ornaments

I already gave you a sneak peek on twitter and Facebook about this DIY and I am so excited to share my christmas crafts with you this week! 

I have been in the christmas spirit all week while preparing these crafts for you and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have! Christmas DIY week will be every day for 7 days, so be prepared to get crafty :)

Today I am starting of with my Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments, I hope you enjoy them and please tell me what you think!
Piece of fabric, ribbon, soft filling, fabric markers, sewing machine (or just needle and thread if you are sewing by hand)
1. Draw your favorite shape onto the fabric with a pencil. 
Cut the shape out of the fabric twice. 
2. Decorate your fabric with fabric markers.
3. Place the two pieces together and start stitching around the edges.
4. Take a piece of ribbon and place it double inside the two pieces on top of the shape.
Stitch over the fabric with the ends of the ribbon inside.
5. When you have stitched about half of the shape, put some filling inside the two pieces. And stitch the shape closed.

All done!

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