NYC Diary

NYC Diary

Things have changed a little bit in the last week, because I finally officially started my internship and job as a costume designer and photographer for the HERE theater company! 
I am very excited about it (and a bit nervous:)) but it as all been great so far!
You can see the rehearsal space in the picture above, and everybody is so nice, it’s a great team!
(Oh, and apologies for the blurry pics, I really need to get a new phone:)
I also attended a press party at a new Pop-Up store in Brooklyn and they had a nice DIY table, so I went all cafty! And the weather was great, so I (finally) visited the amazing high line park!

I did my hair for free at The Dollhouse in Grand Central Station with Jenny, and it was finally time to take the stockings of this spring, woohoo!

And there was obviously some shopping and crafting going on: I walked a lot to see the famous NYC views and to discover the best stores for the styling of the theaterplay. And I have been making my hair longer yesterday! Yes, longer! So pretty great new craft coming up soon!

I hope you also had a lovely week!

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  • Bregje 14th May 2013 at 9:20 pm

    Oh, I love how your hair is done there!

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