DIY | Dip Dye Collar

DIY | Dip Dye Collar

This DIY has been on my todo list for ages. I remember seeing a Dip Dye collar on the runway a few months back on a mens shirt and thought it looked so cool! And I totally forgot about it until I saw this nice looking plain shirt on sale. 
I immediately felt like experimenting with the dip dye trend again! 
The shirt that I bought is made out of some sort synthetic fabric, so I knew that dying it would be a bit of an experiment and I really didn’t know how it would turn out. But I was very pleased with the outcome! I used a dark blue fabric dye, which on cotton would turn out dark blue. But on my shirt I got this pink/purple color that reminds me of the galaxy trend! It’s such a subtle tone that I’ve never seen before.
I am totally in love with it and can only advice you to start experimenting too! Because your shirt could not get more original than this ;)
1. Supplies: Blouse | Big Bowl | Fabric Dye | Gloves | Spoon | Clothes Hanger
2. Hang your blouse on the clothes hanger and see how far down it get’s if you put the bowl underneath. Decide how deep you want your collar to be in the bowl.
3. Mix your fabric dye with water in the bowl. Mix according to the instructions on the pack.
4. Wet your blouse and dip it in the fabric dye. Leave it in there for about 20 minutes, then pull the blouse up a few inches and leave the rest in the fabric dye. This will make it look more natural.
– Take the blouse out of the water and rinse thoroughly. Let dry.
All done!

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  • Erica 10th July 2013 at 6:28 pm

    Lana, I love this! Such a fun, subtle way to try out the ombre trend. :)

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