NYC Diary

NYC Diary

I am back from my road trip! I just arrived back in New York on yesterday and it was amazing! We have seen so many beautiful en inspiring things and met the nicest people.
We decided to make the road trip as spontaneous as possible so didn’t really plan anything ahead. We just drove from New York to the North and even ended up in Canada. Sometimes it worked out really well and it brought us to these amazing places that we would not have seen otherwise. Other times it didn’t work out that well, because we where on a pretty tight budget :)

To keep it as diverse as possible, we decided to stay at a lot of different places, that means that we: couchsurfed, stayed in a B&B, an AirBnB, and in some classic American motels :)

It was so much fun!
Here’s a bit about our trip:
Taking the classic ‘couples pictures’ ;)

A road trip obviously means sitting in the car a lot, and it can be fun most of the times, but Traffic jams can be a bit of a downer

We took a swim in a beautiful lake in the White mountains.
And in Montreal a friend of ours took us to a ‘skatebar’. It was very cool:)

I still have 9 days left before I head back to The Netherlands, so I am just enjoying the city again!

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