PARTY OUTFIT | New Year’s Eve Fashion Checklist

PARTY OUTFIT | New Year’s Eve Fashion Checklist

It’s almost New Year’s Eve! And that means that we have to finalize those pretty new dresses that I’m sure you all bought by now:)

Because having found that perfect dress, is not the only thing that’s going to make you to be the star of the evening. It’s the total look that will make everyone notice your big entrance!

Here are 5 things to make your New Year’s Eve Look complete:

BOLD LIPSTICK | Make your lips irresistible by adding a pop of color to them! I usually go for the red ones, but just see what matches your outfit. (Do be careful with bold colors, if you are already wearing heavy eye makeup. It can become a bit too much)

FANCY OUTERWEAR | The prettiest dresses are usually the ones that won’t keep you very warm this time of year. And you will probably be inside most of the evening, but keep in mind that watching fireworks outside with goosebumps all over your arms is not the way to go. So be prepared and bring a fancy coat or scarf to put around your arms.

GLITTER NAILS | It’s all in the detail. Match the color of your dress, lips, purse, put glitter on them, etc. Or go wild and just use a random color to decorate your nails. And if you have time to spare just go on Pinterest and do a crazy difficult but very awesome nail tutorial while waiting for the party.

HAIR | I spend most of my preparation time with my hair, because I can never seem to decide weather I want to put it up or wear it down in a more casual way. Well, this hairdo is the perfect solution! You can wear your hair like this in the beginning of the evening, and when you feel like a more casual look, just remove the headband and watch your hair curl naturally! (you can put the headband back in with your hair down, to still keep the same vibe at the front)
DO IT YOURSELF | Nothing beats a handmade party outfit! You can style your outfit by wearing your own handmade: necklace, earrings, bracelet, rings, or even tights! Yes, your read it right, I said Tights! You can restyle your tights by just painting on them with textile paint! And if you use the glitter version, it will be even more festive! 

What would be on your New Year’s Eve Outfit Checklist?

I hope you have a lovely time preparing for New Year’s Eve!

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  • ally adams 3rd January 2014 at 9:20 pm

    The fuzzy coat on your nails in the one picture of you holding the pearls is gorgeous!

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