DIY | Pom Shoes

DIY | Pom Shoes

Today I have a very simple and quick shoe upcyle tutorial for you! 
I made these tule pompoms a while ago, and actually forgot about them until I recently started doing research on my new costume designs for school. For my costume ideas, I wanted to make a bold statement with the shoes and remembered how much fun it was to make those tule pompoms! So I found some wool and started making different sized poms and attached them to some of my shoes. They looked like so much fun, that I just had to share the technique so you can make your shoes and feet as happy as mine!
** As a side note, these cuties can obviously also be attached to sweaters, curtains, pillows, scarfs, you name it!
Supplies: 2 pieces of cardboard | Scissors | Wool | Pen
1. Cut each cardboard piece into a circle and cut a hole inside. The width of the cardboard will decide how big you pompom is going to be. Also make sure that the hole isn’t to big! (and also not to small, because you will want to be able to pull the wool trough).
3. Place the two cardboard pieces on each other. And start wrapping the wool around the cardboard, like in the picture.
4. Finish the whole circle. Try to make the thickness of the wool even around the entire circle.
5. Get a knife or some scissors and cut the wool through the middle, holding you scissors or knife in between the two cardboards.
6. Take a piece of string or wool and wrap it in between the two pieces of cardboard. Pull it as tight as you can. Then remove the cardboard.
7. Use glue or pieces of wool to tie the poms to your shoes.
Shoes by Lana Red Studio | Dress by Pepaloves 


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