3 MINUTE EARRING DIY | Hoops to Squares

3 MINUTE EARRING DIY | Hoops to Squares

How do you turn your dollar- or euro- store earrings into trendy square-shaped ones? Easy! Just use a set of pliers and nail polish and three minutes later: you look fabulous!


Hoop Earrings | Pliers | Nail Polish
1. Buy cheap earrings (mine only cost 6o cents!) Or find some old ones from your Spice Girl fandays. 
2. Measure the hoop en hold the pliers on 1/3 of the earring. Start bending the material and try to make a sharp corner.
3. Place the pliers on 2/3 of the earring. Bend the material again.
4. Place the earrings on a flat surface and bend them if necessary some more to make a nice even shape.
5. Take your nail polish  and apply it on the earrings. First do one side, let it dry. Then turn the earrings over and paint the other side.
All done!



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