BEST OF | Lana Red Studio 2014

BEST OF | Lana Red Studio 2014

Resolutions ready for 2015? Why not look back at 2014 first, and look at all of the amazing accomplishments you’ve made!

I am not really the new years resolution kind of girl, maybe I am more of a “looking back and enjoying fond memories” type of person. Because every time I think of something I want to improve it reminds me of how fortunate I already am, and that life is to short to be focussing on improvements instead of living in the present. 
That is why my early “resolution” was to make a list of all of my favorite 2014 blogposts! (Including, DIY, food, travel, personal posts & features)
It was so much fun to scroll through my archive and remembering tiny details of projects that I did and travels that I made.

I hope you enjoy!


My favorite activity is to come up with new and fun DIY’s and to share them with you! This year I have been focusing on quality over quantity and it has made a big difference for me! I noticed that I am more proud of the things I made, and that it’s a lot more fun to create tutorials that feel original and more ‘me’. 
Here are some of my favorite DIY projects, made in 2014.
Last winter I made this cozy headband out of an old sweater.

I found these old clip-on earrings on a flea market in New York and turned them into sweater clips.
Not only my house and wardrobe had a make-over, I also restyled the wall in my sisters house! 

My favorite DIY of 2014 is definitely this temporary art tattoo tutorial! Not only was a completely excited to discover how easy it was to make my own tattoo, I also love using images with a story in my projects, and I used the database of a big Dutch museum to create this tattoo!


This year has been so good to the blog! My projects have made it to several amazing magazines(!)

But my proudest moment was when I discovered that some of my hair tutorials where published in Christina Butcher’s new book!
I have also been writing a weekly column for the Dutch Which was a huge honor!


I also got the chance to practice my favorite hobby: traveling! 
Berlin, Greece, New York, Vietnam, they all made this year amazing! And I got share a bit of my journeys with you!
I planned an outfit post in Greece to share this beautiful little village with you.

Last winter, I spend three weeks in New York City to do research for my graduation project. I got the unique opportunity to visit an old abandoned theater by myself. And even though I have never been so scared in my entire life (big, empty, cold, abandoned theatre and a guy that forget I was there, turning of the lights) but immediately took the opportunity to take pictures of the space and me:)
Last month I traveled through Vietnam for three weeks and experience the life of my new favorite country!


What is a year without great food?! I have been busy baking as well, and these sweet recipes are definitely on top of my list!

I tried my first Apple Tarte Tatin, and I am still amazed of how easy it was to make:)

What would valentines day be without heart shaped cookies? I would’t know, because I think I eat almost of all these!;)


Besides sharing my crafts, recipes & travel stories with you, I also remember how very kind you where to me during my post grad syndrome
I graduated in the bachelor of design last June, and have been struggling with the well known questions on ‘what to do next’. I am still not completely where I would like to see myself, but all of your kind words and visits have truly made it an awful lot better!
And last, but definitely not least: the Lana Red Studio blog celebrated it’s second anniversary last April! Hurray!
Thank you so much for your visits, kind words, emails, follows and most of all love!
This year was amazing thanks to you!

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