OUTFIT | Autumn Days

OUTFIT | Autumn Days

OUTFIT | How to Style a Shirt & Skirt

Autumn has definitely arrived here in Berlin and that called for a drastic wardrobe change. It seemed that everyone here had to switch from flowy summer fabrics to cozy jumpers in a matter of days.

I am really not a big fan of cold weather and I am already dreading the snowy season, but one big positive thing about autumn is that I get to wear my favourite clothes! For some reason most of my favourite pieces are only suitable for ‘in-between’ weather: tights instead of leggings or bare legs, long dresses but with shorter sleeves, etc.

And since autumn also comes with the well known autumn blues, I have come up with a fun and silly game to keep myself away from wearing warm pyjamas on my ‘at-home-workdays’.

The game** goes like this:

  1. Get out of bed ;)
  2. Pick at least one fancy looking thing that you own, but find too dressy to wear on a normal day: glitter top, sequin skirt, etc.
  3. Combine your fancy piece with something cozy: a warm sweater, thick thighs, etc.
  4. Celebrate how strange, but oh so fabulous you look!

** Obviously it’s a bit of a joke-kind-of-game, but after watching reruns of The Nanny, I figured if she can look that great in so many ‘wrong’ combo’s I should at least try it out ;)

I get that a lot of your fancy pieces don’t go with anything according to a lot of fashion gurus and that you might find yourself looking ridiculous right now, but since you are staying inside because of the weather, who cares?!
Playing this ‘game’ has made me wear some crazy combos, but it has also helped me to look differently at my wardrobe and sometimes I just get happy when something works!

Like the outfit I am wearing in this post, I just love wearing it!

The skirt is so shiny and puffy, and I wear it with this girly pink fluffy sweater and I feel fabulous in it:) And if it wasn’t crazy enough, I combine it with glitter shoes, because feeling like Dorothy makes me even more happy.

OUTFIT | How to Style a Shirt & Skirt OUTFIT | How to Style a Shirt & Skirt

Clothing can really make a difference. I am spending many hours a week on my sofa like this, working, reading (aka watching Netflix) and I always feel so lazy when doing this in my pyjamas.

But change from you pyjamas into a shiny skirt, and you are making a statement! Suddenly you are simply adjusting your outfit because of all of the Mad Men episodes;)

OUTFIT | How to Style a Shirt & Skirt OUTFIT | How to Style a Shirt & Skirt OUTFIT | How to Style a Shirt & Skirt

High waist skirts are my favourite kind of skirts, just because they go with almost anything! It is pretty hard to find unique looking ones though, so I was very excited to have found this beauty!

OUTFIT | How to Style a Shirt & Skirt

I have written about my flats from Cocorose Londen before, because I am just a big fan! I am not really a sporty shoes kinda girl and flats are my perfect solution to looking girly but still comfy, and trust me: they are very comfortable!

OUTFIT | How to Style a Shirt & Skirt

But all craziness aside, my main point is that you should always wear what you are comfortable in. I am just trying to get you to think outside of the box and wish for everyone to follow their own sense of style and comfort. Because you my friends look great in anything!

Extra info:

Shoes by Cocorose London
Skirt by Romwe
Sweater is vintage

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  • Eva 17th October 2016 at 2:25 pm

    I must honestly say that I do the same, I love hanging around the house and spending days on the couch watching Netflix and writing, but I do wear my nicest dresses and make-up. Just to feel more ‘awake’ and ‘working’. If I keep wearing my pyjamas I feel so lifeless and tired all thay and never get into that good writing rhytm.

    • Lana Red Author 17th October 2016 at 5:22 pm

      Thank you so much for writing this! I honestly was a little bit afraid of publishing this post, wondering if people would feel the same way and ‘get’ what I was trying to say.. And it’s also great to hear that there are fellow fancy netflix-watchers out there ;)

    • Lana Red Author 17th October 2016 at 5:25 pm

      Oh, en zie nu op je blog dat je Nederlands bent :)

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