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ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card

ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting CardI have been wanting to make my own set of postcards for a while now, but I really wanted to use the process as part of a DIY project to share how incredibly fun it is to see something that you have made in print!ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card
So, let’s start by collecting all of the scrap paper that you have laying around (this can be from your kids craft collection, old newspapers, etc.) and instead of bringing them to the recycling bin, turn them into your very own art card project!

The idea behind the card design is to play with a real collage made out of paper (or other materials if you feel like trying something new) and use the layered effect to create a subtle 3d look. Later on, you photograph or scan the result and print it onto cardstock.

What I absolutely LOVE about this process is that you actually get to play around with different shapes and materials and try things that you might not think of when you are designing something on the computer.

Are you excited yet?! Let’s start making that card!



ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card

This project is a part of the LRS DIY / BUY it collection.
Make it yourself, or buy it today!


– Any kind of scrap paper that you like (I used kids craft paper and payed special attention to the color combination for the card design)
– Scissors or hobby knife
– Scanner or camera
– Printer (or you can order your cards online, like I did)

ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card

STEP 1.1


– I made 2 cards and used 2 different designing techniques. For the first card, I designed the image on my laptop in Adobe Photoshop. I played around with simple squares, circles and other regular shapes until they formed a portrait (the braided hair is actually a bunch of circles)
– You can of course design anything that you like, and use any computer software that you are comfortable with.

ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card

STEP 1.2


– For the second card design, I traced a photo of myself onto a piece of paper (keeping in mind to use the right proportions to that of a regular A6 sized card). I only traced the outer edges of my hair, the jacket, etc.
– After tracing the image, I used different colours to colour the big empty spaces.
– What I loved about this, is that I already got to experiment with colors and got to see what did and didn’t work.

ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card


– I you have designed your image on the computer, you can print it onto a regular piece of paper. It doesn’t have to be printed in the exact card size, just as long as the proportions are similar to that of a regular card (I made my cards in A6 format)

ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card


– Wether you have printed your design or painted it in a piece of paper, place it on a flat surface and start by cutting away the bigger shapes.
– After you have have traced a few bigger shapes with your scissors or knife, stop this step and follow the instructions in step 4.

ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card


– Place one of the cut out pieces on a piece of your chosen scrappaper and trace the shape.
– Cut the traces shape out of the paper, this is your first piece of the collage!
– Repeat step 3 & 4 until you have traced and ‘copied’ all of the shapes from your design.

– You can trace one piece unto different kinds of paper and see which one works best. Play around, trust me it’s fun!

ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card


– Take Another piece of paper and cut out a hole that has the proportions of a regular card (size A6, A5, etc.)
– Place it over the design. This step really helped me to decide how zoomed in or out I wanted the design to be. Here you can think of how many space you would like all around your design and if something might still be missing in the design.

ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card


Digitising your design

– There are many ways to digitise your design:

  • Take a photo of the design and print it onto cardstock with your own printer.
  • Scan the image with a scanner and print it onto cardstock with your own printer.
  • Take a photo of the design and order the cards online (or at a local printshop).
  • Scan the image with a scanner and order the cards online (or at a local printshop).

– I photographed the two designs and had them printed onto 330gr. cardstock. I also made a small design for the back of the card.

And that is it! You will now have your very own art cards!

ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card

ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card

Extra ideas

– Both of my cards have been printed on both sides. The front has a smooth glossy surface and the back card design is matt and writable. But there are many more possibilities, whichever works best for your design!
– You can also turn the back of the card into a postcard and design lines and a stamp area from scrappaper!

ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card ART DIY | Handmade Collage Greeting Card

SHOP Lana Red Studio

Are you interested in the cards that I made? You are in luck! Because they are available in the LRS Etsy shop:

LRS Greeting Cards


PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper

PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper

How about a fun and original way to wrap your smaller sized Christmas gifts this year?! This ‘Oh Deer; Christmas wrapping paper is available as a free downloadable print and allows you to bring your gifting skills to a whole new level!

I always wanted to design my own wrapping paper, but never realised that you can just wrap presents with regular printer paper. Because, even though the paper is thicker and sturdier than regular wrapping paper, it still looks pretty good to me when you decorate it with a custom print!

It is so easy! You print your paper, wrap your gift and give the deer a red nose for a playful effect!

PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper

– Felt Poms (or something similar)
– Glue
– Paper in the colour of your choosing
– Printer

A4 sized paper printable
Printable Deer

PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper


– Collect the gift that you want to wrap* and measure the size.
– Depending on the size of the gift you can:
Download an A4 sized template with a large deer image in the middle.
Download the deer image on it’s own and use a program like Word, Pages or Adobe Photoshop to scale the image in the correct size.

*If you have a printer that is suitable for A4 sized paper like mine, you will be able to wrap many small gifts like: jewellery boxes, pocket books, etc.

PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper


– Place the coloured paper in the printer and print your image.

PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper


– Wrap the gift with your paper, making sure that the deer image is on top.

PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper


– With a dot of glue attach a small pom on top of the nose of the deer.

PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper


You can go so many ways with this project!
– Print the deer on all kinds of different paper, from regular white paper, to coloured, thin, photo, you name it!
– Rudolph has a red nose, or maybe he is sporing a blue one this year?
– Download the deer image and place multiple deers on one piece of paper!

PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper PRINTABLE DIY | Oh Deer Christmas Wrapping Paper

TECH DIY | Personalised Desktop & Matching Icons

TECH DIY | Personalised Desktop & Matching Icons


What to do when things in your life are getting a bit chaotic? Organising! There are some big changes going in my personal life (more about that later this week) and I have discovered that when I start to organise one simpel thing, it really calms me down.

After cleaning out a big part of my closet (I do that in stages, because getting rid of pretty dresses even though I haven’t worn them in years is still crazy difficult;), I have restyled my laptop! And no not the outside with a pretty sleeve, but the screen that I am looking at so very often: the desktop!!

You regular readers and friends of this blog might recognise this DIY from older blogposts, because I have showed you how to customise your desktop including the icons in 2 previous tutorials. You can find the first one here. And the second one over here.

I felt that it was time for a new look on my computer and went back to my first concept: a closet system. I was inspired for this idea a few years ago, because Ikea made this amazing cool variation with their own products. It was so clever, because it looks organised and they get to show off their products.

I really like Ikea, but felt that I could do a similar thing in my own style. So I went for an industrial look with a vintage touch.

The open closet has three parts and three shelves, so you can organise your folders in sections.

And the icons are really pretty and give the whole look a personal touch.

But what is all this talk about icons and folders you ask? It’s actually really simpel. You know that when you create a new folder on your computer? The computer has a default picture that you use. For mac users it’s a blue file like image. For windows users it’s a yellow file like image (depending on your version, but you get the point). Well, I never liked the look of those files. I would make a pretty desktop wallpaper and those blue file images would still occupy my pretty background.

This DIY let’s you change the file icon into a different image! This way it can match your background and make things more organised and pretty!

DIY: Because I dedicated a big step by step guide in my previous desktop/icon blogpost, I am referring you to that one to personalise your computer.

You can find the complete tutorial through this link.
Full Tutorial

Download your desktop icons here:
Desktop Icons

Download your matching wallpaper here:
Matching Wallpaper

TECH DIY | Personalised Desktop & Matching Icons

For the icons, I decided to go for practical objects. The green box is originally from Ikea. And the wire baskets are from Sissy Boy. I am actually thinking of buying them, because I love the look!

TECH DIY | Personalised Desktop & Matching Icons

The desktop has a clean and industrial look with a subway tile background. You can place as many objects onto the shelves as you like and keep it minimal or fill them with the folders that you use the most!

TECH DIY | Personalised Desktop & Matching Icons TECH DIY | Personalised Desktop & Matching Icons TECH DIY | Personalised Desktop & Matching Icons

Please let me know what you think:

Do you have questions or awesome designs that you made? Leave a message in the comment section!!


TECH | Custom Desktop Icons and Wallpaper



I made a new and improved customised desktop wallpaper with matching icons!!

For those of you that don’t have a clue on what is going on:

“You can customise those ugly blue folder icon thingies on your desktop!”

Yes, those folders you are looking at every day and are supposed to make your digital life easier, but are actually making it more messy, because they all look alike..

But not anymore!

I created 9 new folder icons and a matching background wallpaper to keep them organised. And a brand new tutorial on how to install them of course. (what do I mean new? Well, I actually made one before! Check it out here)
The DIY version of the installation may look overwhelming with 8 steps, but I actually took baby steps to make your transition as smooth as possible. So it doesn’t sound so overwhelming anymore, right!

Still worried? Don’t be! You can change it all back very easily and the background wallpaper has some really handy shapes to organise your new pretty folders.
You can customise it to your taste by using all of the suggested icons or just one or two.
And you can use my wallpaper image, but can also keep your own background image, if you’re still too attached to that picture of two cute cats that’s been on your laptop since forever.

Let’s get started!

Download your desktop icons here:
Desktop Icons

Download your matching wallpaper here:
Matching Wallpaper

Icons preview↓

Wallpaper preview↓

First a few notes:
– I have a macbook pro. I am aware that these instructions will not work the same way on a windows computer or laptop. I found a wikihow for all of you windows people: setup window icons. Hopefully this will work for you.
– Right clicking means: clicking on your touchpad with two fingers.
– The ⌘ symbol on your laptop is also known as the command key. Some shortcuts can be created using this symbol. This can be a real time saver! (more information about shortcuts can be found here)



Desktop-wallpaper-and-icons Step-1
Open your downloaded “Zip files”. You will now have:
– One folder with the desktop icon images
– One file with the desktop wallpaper image

If you don’t have any folders on your desktop yet, create one by right-clicking in the background and selecting: “new folder”.

Desktop-wallpaper-and-icons Step-2
– Open the desktop icons folder.
– Choose the icon you like and double click to open (or right-click on the icon and choose: Open With -> Preview)

Desktop-wallpaper-and-icons Step-3
– With your icon file open, go to edit -> select all. (shortcut is: cmd

Desktop-wallpaper-and-icons Step-4
– Next go to edit -> copy

Desktop-wallpaper-and-icons Step-5
– Close your icon window and click on the folder you would like to change.
– Right-click on the folder and select: Get Info

Deskto-wallpaper-and-icons Step-6
– Click once on the folder icon next to the file name.

Desktop-wallpaper-and-icons Step-7
– Go to edit -> paste
– Your file should now have a new image!

Desktop-wallpaper-and-icons Step-8
– Go back to the desktop and right click on the background wallpaper image.
– Choose: Set Desktop Picture.


And now: let’s go wild! Mix and match those icons and make the most organised desktop of your life!!

Oh, and do you have suggestions, questions or just feel like saying anything: leave a comment below and I will definitely reply asap:)



Oh my! I made a new design that you can also use!! It has a fun retro industrial look and is perfect for organising!

You can find it here: New Design

STYLE YOUR GEAR | Valentine Phone Wallpaper



It’s all love and hearts here at the studio! And what a better way to celebrate that special day tomorrow, than by dressing up your phone with a new wallpaper!

Yes! It’s valentine’s day time!

Fun idea: Not only can you dress your own phone up, you can also secretly change the background of your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/bff/neighbor/teacher/mailman: just surprise everyone!

So download the free wallpaper, or pin it for later on Pinterest and enjoy your new glittery red and gold valentine’s day!

TECH-_-Valentine-Phone-Wallpaper-2  TECH-_-Valentine-Phone-Wallpaper-4

STYLE YOUR GEAR | Free Phone Wallpaper

I have been in a drawing mood lately and that means free wallpapers for you! 
I have been researching new techniques for school and have been painting and drawing away which resulted in a lot of new work for my exams and for you!
So, do you like: Green houses, pink wallpaper and white cats? Well, than look no further just pick your favorite one and set it as your new phone wallpaper!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Click here to download house number 1
Click here to download house number 2

DIY | Cinemagraph (Create your own partially moving gif)

Always been curious on how people made those gifs with only one part of the image moving? Well, look no further because here’s a very easy tutorial on how to achieve that with your own material!
I have been doing a lot of research on video and photography techniques for school and came across some tutorials that explain how to make cinemagraphs. And I have been using photoshop for a while now, but never really used it for animations. So this was the perfect opportunity to try it myself, only the tutorials that I found where somewhat vague or not very detailed. But after a while I got the hang of it and decided to share my process with you!
For the people that still have no clue what I am talking about. A Cinemagraph is a video and photo combined. So only a part of the images is moving and the rest looks like a still image. Why would someone want to make such a partially moving gif? Well, mostly because they can be very funny, cute and pretty. And you can highlight something with this technique to draw focus to it. For me it was part of my schoolresearch and I always love to find new techniques that can change someones look on a picture.
Here’s how:
– Find or shoot a video. Make sure that you decide beforehand what you want to keep still and what you want to draw the attention to. I advice using a tripod or placing your camera on a flat surface because it’s best to keep the camera still. 
– Pick an animation that is still interested when it’s ‘in looping mode’.
– Open your video in Quicktime (or any video editing program) and select the Trim Tool. Select the part you want and trim the video, you will only need a few seconds of video, because the gif will be looped.
– Save the trimmed part. 
– Open Adobe Photoshop and import your video by going to file->import->video frames to layer.
– Select all layers accept layer 1, and group them by right clicking and selecting ‘group from layers’.
– Select the group layer
– Use a selection tool of your choosing and select the part that you want to keep moving in the gif. 
– Add a new mask by clicking the icon underneath the layers.
– Go to window->workspace->motion to open your animation.
– Probably only your selection is showing, but this can be fixed easily by clicking on the layer visibility of layer 1 twice (the eye shape).
– And finally, if you want to do some color adjustments to the images: select the group layer and go to layer->new adjustment layer. Select a tool, make your adjustments and make sure that the adjustment layer is above the group layer.
– For saving, go to save for web and save as a gif document. Your gif image will probably not be the same quality as the film you shot, because of the limited amount of colors it can contain. You can adjust some of the save for web menu options to try to get the best quality possible. You can see my gif in color below to view the effect it has on the colors. 

STYLE YOUR GEAR | Valentine Wallpaper

Valentines Day is coming up and even tough I don’t really celebrate it, I do still love to get into the romantic girly mood.
How I do that you say? Well, I found out that around valentines day I unconsciously tend to wear more pink and red, strange right?! (or Pinterest is working really well and is letting the Valentines images stay in my head all day)

I am not embarrassed by it, but it was just something that I’m sure you can relate to. And now that I know that I am secretly fond of this holiday, just means that I can embrace it and wear pink for the whole month!

And…. dress my gear up as well! From now on, my laptop and phone are all about Valentines Day!
Will yours be too? 
 Download your free Desktop wallpaper here
Download your free Iphone wallpaper here

FEATURE DIY | Double Exposure Photography

I am so excited to announce that I created this new and improved Double Exposure DIY for the Daily Epiphanie Blog! Here are a few peeks into the tutorial. If you would like to know how to create these images yourself, than please go over to: Daily-Epiphanie and start creating!
It’s so easy to do and I had a lot of fun trying new things with some of my older pictures:)


FREE | Fall Facebook Header

Remember my Fall Art Craft Project? I made a simple tutorial with a few leaves that I found. Well, those leaves came in very handy when I was a bit bored on a rainy day last week and so I used them for a little photoshop experiment. 
The result: a free Facebook Header for everyone!
I just loved experimenting with colors and patterns and ended up making a Facebook header, so I could share my project with you!
Just click here to download your new Header.
I hope you like it, and get into the “fall mood” like I’m in :)
This is what your fab Facebook page will look like