NYC Diary

NYC Diary

As you probably already know, is that I work as a costume designer and photographer for a theater here in New York City. Tonight will be the opening night of that show and I am so excited! 
So my last week has been mainly about finishing the costumes and taking the publicity pictures for the show (one of them is the picture above!).

Fot those of you that live nearby, you should definitely come and watch it! You can find more about the show here.

I haven’t had the time to do much else lately besides working on the show and making fun tutorials for this blog ;) But it was such a great last week!

Here are some Diary pics from last week:

Seeing my name on the poster and flyer, jeej!

Discovering American things! – Classics on tv and – Iced Chai Lattes (mjam!)

And doing some more shopping for work, and taking pictures for Jenny on her rooftop! @best jobs in the world!

For more NYC Diary pictures go to my instagram page!

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