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The LRS blog has a unique way of bringing inspiring projects to everyone’s home.

It shows budget friendly crafts that are made using everyday items in combination with different materials and out-of-the-box techniques.

Featuring handmade, fashion, trends, some food love in addition to fun lifestyle posts, the LRS blog inspires everyone to be creative!

“Following fashion is something that everyone can do, but defining your own style and mixing it with trends is the goal on Lana Red Studio.”


All of the photos on this blog are taken by me. Learn more about my camera on the ABOUT page. (with the exception of roundups or inspirational posts)


There might be the occasional cat hair on my outfits, sewing and/or home decor posts. This is the work of the notorious Wolfgang & Olaf. Two brothers who I share my home with.


Are you a big fan of red lipstick, floral prints, dresses, the colour pink and many other girly things? You have come to the right place!


Wether it is for budgetary reasons, aesthetics or saving the planet, let’s go green! You can find many upcycling and repurposing projects on this blog + plant inspiration to style your home.


Creative crafts are the basis for the Lana Red Studio blog, they range from sewing projects to photoshop tutorials and decorating ideas to new recipes.

Besides crafty projects, I also LOVE to share my travel experiences, personal stories and things that inspire me so much that I just have to share it with you!

As a welcome to the blog here is a short list of my favourite posts that hopefully inspires you to live a creative life:

– Are you living in a small space like I do? No worries! You can find all of my tips on how to live in a small studio apartment.
– Is your desktop always messy? Organise it in a fun way with your own custom desktop background and icons.
– Making your own jewelry? Yes please! There are lots of jewelry tutorials for you to try.
– Are you an expert sewing boss or a beginner? The LRS sewing projects are suitable for everyone.

– Are you craving sweetness? Look no further!
– What a better way to watch your favorite movie than with special treats.
– It’s baking time! Make this Sweet Potato Tart (these are also perfect to store in the freezer!)

– I went from Baby Spice to Sporty Spice and so can you!
– Visit my home with the special Tiny House Tour Video.
– Working in the online community gave me many friends that I have never met irl, visit the Press page to see my digital friends.

– No time to start creative projects but still in need of a crafty item? A limited selection of LRS projects are available for purchase! Collect them all!
– Everything under €40,- and gift wrapped (because we all deserve it!) the LRS shop is filled with fun gift ideas.