DIY | Painters Cloth Cushion Cover

DIY | Painters Cloth Cushion Cover

Yes, you read it right! This cushion is made out of painters cloth, and the best part is: it cost me less than 4 euros to make!
I always love DIY projects that involve using materials that usually have a different purpose. And when I found this fabric for only 1,50 euros, I just had to buy it. I love the look of the fabric, and it seems to be in style because I have been seeing tights, sweaters, scarfs and much more items with a similar print.
Here’s how to make your own cushion cover:
DIY Painterscloth Cushion
1. Materials: Painterscloth | PomPom ribbon | Cushion | Scissors | Sewing Machine
2. Measure the cushion and cut:
    – one piece in the cushion size + 2 cm all around.
    – 2 pieces in 2/3 the cushion size + 2cm all around. (see image 2)
3. Fold 2 cm. of one side of the smaller pieces over and sew it. This will be the overlapping part  in the back) Repeat this with the other smaller part.
4. Pin the pompom ribbon with the pompoms facing inside on the right side of the big cover piece.
5. Sew the ribbon to the fabric.
6. Place the smaller pieces onto the big piece with the pompoms, make sure that the right sides are facing inwards.
7. Sew the parts together, with the pompoms facing inwards.
All done!

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  • Anonymous 22nd September 2014 at 1:56 pm

    Hi great project and I love the fabric! Where did you get the fabric – I can’t find anything like it and it really makes it. Thanks, Beth

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