CHRISTMAS DIY | Minimal Chalkboard Tree

CHRISTMAS DIY | Minimal Chalkboard Tree

One week until christmas and no tree yet? Oh no! (*update*- I wrote this post in 2014, but I have remade this tree every year since, you can view last years design in the bottom of this post)
It’s a good thing that I am just like you and really didn’t feel like dragging a tree to my house, or worse: decorate my extremely-non-realistic-looking-tiny-fake-christmas-tree.

This year, I choose to be extremely crafty and minimal when it came to my christmas tree idea. It was very easy actually I just (temporarily) removed the door from our storage closet and decided to paint one side with chalkboard paint, easy!
And yes, you read it right. I simply placed the door against a big empty wall, and what do you know: it actually looks pretty christmassy in my living room right now!
It’s of course not necessary to use an old door, you can also use a big piece of wood, or a small one. The idea is, that it’s a flat surface and it doesn’t take up too much space or precious time to make (perfect for tiny apartments!). And after looking at it for a long time during christmas, you end up with a nice chalkboard door in your cupboard, that is perfect for writing down lists!
* As a side note, I can hear you thinking: but than my storage won’t have a door! Solution: I actually hung up a temporary curtain and it doesn’t look too bad:)
– Old door, or big/small/old/new piece of wood
– Chalkboard Paint
– Paint Brush
– Painters Cloth
– Chalk
* optional: Decorations
– Clean the door and place the painters cloth underneath. Apply a thin layer of chalkboard paint. Let it dry (mine only took an hour to dry, before I could paint it over)
– Apply a second layer of paint. Let it dry overnight.
Let’s decorate!
– I cutout some shapes out of paper and traced those to create the tree. 
– You can use tape or small nails to hang decorations “in” the tree, or simply hang them on the top corner of the door, like I did with my christmas lights.
– If you have some chalkboard paint leftover, you can use it to paint decorations and create a three dimensional chalkboard effect.
We unfortunately don’t celebrate christmas with gifts, but the floor in front of this minimal tree would be perfect for a big stack of pretty wrapped presents!




















































And  since the Christmas tree worked out so well the next year, I decided to use the same context but mixed it up with a new chalk design:

DIY | Chalkboard Christmas Tree


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  • Rachel Baumann - Fifty Two Weekends 20th December 2014 at 2:40 pm

    LOVE this!

  • Roxy! 27th August 2016 at 12:35 pm

    This is PERFECT for me! After Christmas this would make a great message center board :) …thanks for fabulous inspiration xx

    • Lana Red Author 31st August 2016 at 9:32 am

      Hi Roxy! Thank you for your kind words! And a message board is an excellent idea! I would always put the door back into the storage cupboard (which is where I removed it from and temporarily replaced it with a sheet ;) And I would use the chalkboard for lists and chores. it worked great and it was perfectly hidden on the inside of the cupboard. x

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