VIDEO | Lana Red Studio @ TV-Show ‘Koffietijd’

VIDEO | Lana Red Studio @ TV-Show ‘Koffietijd’

VIDEO | Lana Red Studio @ TV-Show 'Koffietijd'

Last Wednesday something very exciting happened: Me and a a few of my projects were live on Dutch tv!

I was asked to show a few upcycling projects at the ‘Koffietijd‘ tv show with a fun theme: upcycling items that you can find at a flea market.

When they asked me, I immediately started brainstorming and came up with a few fun ideas, I jumped on my bike here in Berlin, visited many good places for all of my supplies, jumped on a train to The Netherlands and showed it all on live television!

I have had so much fun doing this and being on television was very scary, but everyone was so friendly and everything turned out exactly has I had hoped.

You can view the episode here:

(It’s in Dutch, but you can still get a pretty picture of the tutorials if you don’t understand a word of what I am saying in the video ;)


And as a personal note:

For this blog, I take all of the photos myself, with a few exception like outside outfit posts or video posts. So standing in front of a camera with someone else behind it, and knowing that it was live and it required me to talk.. I cannot even describe how nervous I was when they first asked me. But because the atmosphere at the studio was amazing, and the preparation that I did beforehand went really well, the nerves morphed into this exciting butterfly feeling. And I can only look back on the whole experience as pretty awesome:)

(as a side note, it did take me about 4 hours before I let my sister turn on the tv, so we could watch the episode together. Being on tv was amazing and all, but for some reason I just did not want to look at myself talk ;)


I think I want to be an actress. Haha, no way, just kidding!  But it did help me to get over my fear of standing in front of the camera. And I love all of the positive feedback on my tutorials, because that was my most important goal.

Speaking of tutorials, one of the projects in the video will be on the blog soon, with a little bit of extra information so you can create it yourself.
So stay tuned!

VIDEO | Lana Red Studio @ TV-Show 'Koffietijd'


VIDEO | Lana Red Studio @ TV-Show 'Koffietijd'VIDEO | Lana Red Studio @ TV-Show 'Koffietijd'

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  • Sanne 29th April 2016 at 8:28 pm

    Hey Lana,

    Wat leuk zeg! Je doet het goed hoor op beeld :)

    X Sanne

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