DIY | Fancy Stretchy Pearl Bow Bracelet

DIY | Fancy Stretchy Pearl Bow Bracelet

With the holidays in sight, it’s time to start crafting fancy items! 
I always love to make my own accesories and outfits for christmas and new years eve, remember my dress last year? Well this year I am starting a bit earlier, so I’ve already been pretty busy with new festive tutorials! And not just accessories, also home decor items!
Today will be the first holiday tutorial: a fancy stretchy pearl bow bracelet, that only takes minutes to make! It’s the perfect bracelet to wear during christmas and new years eve. And of course any special occasion after that :)
Here’s how:
DIY Supplies:
Ribbon | Pearls/Beads | Stretchy Cord | Decorative Split Pin
1. Measure your wrist and cut the stretchy cord in the size of your wrist + a few extra cm, so it’s easy to tie it later.
2. String the beads onto the cord until you can fold it over your wrist. Make sure that the beads are covering all parts and there’s still enough stretch to take it off.
3. Tie a knot into the cord. 
4. Cut the excessive cord of.
5. Take your ribbon and cut a 15 cm piece. Fold the outsides like in the picture.
6. Tie a piece of stretchy cord around the middle part, securing the loose bits in the middle. Tie a knot in the cord and cut the excessive pieces of.
7. Use the split pin the cover the cord in the middle and fold the ends of the pin around the cord.
8. All done!

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  • onel 1st January 2014 at 11:37 am

    Pretty and so simple too! :)

    • Lana Red 12th January 2014 at 12:44 pm

      Thank you! Actually what I was going for;)

    • Kels 3rd August 2017 at 9:11 am

      What is a split pin? Where do you find decorative split pins?

      • Lana Red Author 5th August 2017 at 4:36 pm

        Hi! To quote google: “A split pin is a metal cotter pin with two arms passed through a hole, held in place by the springing apart of the arms.’
        And where to buy them depends on where you live. Stationary and craft stores usually have them in a variety of sizes and colours.

        • Kels 8th August 2017 at 4:26 am

          Ok…now that I understand what a split pin is…

          WHERE do I find DECORATIVE ones like in the Fancy Stretchy Pearl Bow Bracelet?

          Thanks for your help!


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