OUTFIT | Embrace the Lace

OUTFIT | Embrace the Lace

I am a big fan of wearing bright colors, but I often meet people that tell me that they are to afraid or just ‘not ready’ to take the step in wearing colorful clothes. And I completely understand, it attracts attention and it’s always difficult to come up with new combination that work, because it can also go very easily wrong and make you look like you’re wearing your Spice Girl outfit form the nineties (which can also be very cool, I must admit)

Anyway, today I want to take you into the next step when it comes to taking risks in your outfit.  You don’t have to wear colors to make a statement, you can just wear your black items! You just have to be a bit bolder when it comes to prints and materials. Because even though the little black dress is a classic, it can also be a bit dull sometimes. So just grab those old black fishnet stockings and wear it with a cute wool dress! 
The key is to mix the materials and wear layers, and trust me it will work instantly!

And if you are ready for it: maybe a pair of statements heels?

Dress by Chicwish | Coat by H&M | Tights by Sixty-Six | Shoes by VanHaren | Bag by Chicwish | Scarf is Vintage | Gloves by Lana Red Studio

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