DIY | Bow Earrings

DIY | Bow Earrings

I just love earrings! But I always have a hard time with matching them to my outfit. So one day I just thought, let’s use a piece of my outfit and create a pair of earrings out of it! This way the colors and materials will definitely match!
What did I use, you ask? Well, the ribbon inside the clothing of course! 
Because I never really have to use them and most people I know cut them out anyway. So why not reuse them instead of throwing them out:)
Here’s how to DIY:
Supply number 1: A piece of ribbon.
 Supply number 2: earring posts and backs
Step 1: Use a permanent marker to color the earrings posts in the color of your ribbon.
Step 2: Make two tiny bows out of the ribbon
Step 3: Use your super glue to attach the bows to the earring posts

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  • Tabet 12th June 2013 at 2:30 pm

    sweet DIY :)
    Love it.

  • meet.make.laugh. 12th June 2013 at 5:02 pm

    The ribbons of shame! Haha no idea why my friends and I call them that….. but we do. Love that you made use of them, they look great!! Stephanie

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