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RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga

RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga

If you would have told me last year that I would be writing a blogpost about a form of working out, let alone include pictures of me wearing a tight yoga outfit I really would have called you crazy.

This post is a pretty personal one, because it comes down to how I feel about my body and the embarrassment of never really having exercised in my life. Reading about other people with similar stories online has really helped me, and to give a little bit back and maybe/hopefully help and encourage others I am sharing my story with you. 

A short bio of my non-workout past (which all of you ‘Baby Spices’ might identify with)

Yes, this is me in a pink dress, barbie heels and jewelry

The title already reveals it, I have always been the ‘baby spice’ of the group. (yes this is a Spice Girl reference, because they are the best and I was a big fan when I was young: girl power!) I wore pig tails, pink skirts and never did any form of sport (except one year of horseback riding, which obviously didn’t help me get rid of my girly reputation..)

It is an understatement to say that I don’t like exercising, I never have and trust me I tried. Reading about this subject online in preparation for this blogpost I felt a huge relief, because it turns out that I am not alone in this! I have read forums where I spotted similar stories and it felt great to be part of a big misunderstood group of people.

I am and always have been very aware of the necessity of moving around, because it keeps you healthy. So I bike everywhere I go, take long walks, etc. Not to mention that if I didn’t do this and keep eating my favourite food cravings and the occasional glass of wine I wouldn’t fit into my clothes anymore;)

But, a part of me still wanted to fit in, literally and figuratively. I have always been insecure about my body, which I think many of you might recognise. When I turned 15 my, ahum, ‘rear end’ decided to grow two dress sizes, while the rest of my body stayed the same.. (which is why I rarely wear trousers) Only an extreme diet or very regular exercise might be a solution to get my body more balanced out, but I am just not prepared to go that far. (also, I would lie if I said that there isn’t the occasional voice in my head that wants me to be slimmer. But the realist in me is already really happy to get more strength and tone my body)
It did however encourage me to keep searching for a form of workout that I did not hate. So after trying: jogging, going to the gym, swimming, biking and group workout classes, I noticed that besides the form of workout I also didn’t like to schedule my workouts on a set date and time. My work schedule and daily mood is not regular, so why should my exercise be?

RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga


I decided to approach it in a way that I approach most of my projects: google. I searched for things that I could do at home and that didn’t require any special items, machines, etc. That is when I found my favourite youtube channel: Yogawithadriene. She has become pretty popular so you might have heard of her. Besides a ton of awesome (free!) yoga videos she also has a playlist called ’30 days of yoga’. Those 30 days introduced me to Yoga and it was the first time in my life that I actually managed to do things that I was never able to do before. (touch my toes while bending forward for instance;)

I realised that I love to get more strength, instead of being able to run fast and it is so much harder (in a good way) than I thought.

Now, before I go all crazy and start to sound like a spokesperson for yoga, I wouldn’t say that it changed my life but it simply showed me that moving, besides going from a to b, can be sort of nice. I am not a very spiritual person and while searching for yoga videos I found a lot of channels that were a bit too wishy washy for my taste. But I just like to keep it technical and focused on strengthening my body.


After finishing the 30 days challenge I realised that I should make a plan before I would fall into my old habits. So I started to repeat the 30 days, but this time every other day. I got a yoga mat as a present and the wonderful Onzie sponsored my outfit so that I could practice in style. They actually have pieces that go so well with my body shape: high waisted yoga pants! Hurray!

And here we are now: 1 year later and I am still practicing on a daily basis. Depending on my mood, I pick a video that matches my moods level and place my laptop next to my mat and start the practice. Because I am not doing it to loose weight, which is why I used to start new workouts before, it feels less stressful and less of an obligation.

But just because I don’t have a weight goal, it doesn’t mean that I can’t make it more of a challenge. There are 3 things that I have always wanted to be able to do: A headstand, the splits and an impressive amount of push-ups. Because whenever I see people do these things, they look so cool and I am always genuinely impressed!

RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga
On the left: the last time I remember doing a headstand. On the right: 4 days ago!

And I am proud to say that I (finally!) managed to do the headstand on my own with the help of a wall for the first time since I was 10 years old. I apparently have a great fear of falling, so managing to do this on my own was a really nice moment.

RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga

I never had any new years resolutions, but I do like to think of what kinds of things I would like to achieve. Luckily Yoga With Adriene (she is not sponsoring me, I am just a fan;), who I mentioned before is starting a new free 31 day program TODAY called Yoga Revolution! She is posting a new yoga video on youtube every day for the next 31 days and I am very excited to learn new moves and skills this month.

It would be so much fun if you could join me and let me know how it goes! Click here to go the youtube playlist. And let me know if you are also starting the challenge today in the comment section or shoot me an email.

And to finish this blogpost: Photos of a selection of the moves that I learned this last year.
(All taken by me, which I think deserves some kind of medal because I had to press a button on the remote, hide the remote and wanted to look cool and non-sweaty.. I am still sore right now:))

RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with YogaRESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with YogaRESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga

Top and legging by the wonderful Onzie
Yogamat by Superyoga



LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home

LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home Are you living abroad, planning a long trip, going to college or just looking to keep the ‘stuff’ you have to a minimum? Well, you have come to the right place!
Because today I am partnering with Tivoli Audio to bring you Five Tips on how to make a new or temporary home feel like home. You can find more information about their product in one of my steps below. (Trust me: you will like it!)

I have been staying in Berlin for a while now after getting rid of almost all of my stuff. Which means that I moved here with one suitcase (+ a backpack with my favourite dresses). And even though I am planning to keep my possessions to a very minimum while staying here, I did purchase and make a few things to create a ‘home’ for myself.
It is very hard to explain the definition of home when it comes to how you feel about it. I guess I am one of those people that can feel at home pretty fast, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that helped me get there. So here are 5 things that helped me settle in my new temporary apartment. (besides family, friends, etc. of course, because that’s a given)

Scroll through this article or jump to a favourite topic within this post:

Unpack that suitcase
Items to practice the things you love
Inexpensive Decorations


LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home

Whether you are staying for a few days or a few months, if a homey feeling is what you are looking for then unpack that suitcase on the first day.

Organising a room or house and placing my items in it gave me a feeling that I recognised. Like doing laundry or making your bed, ( I am not saying that they are fun activities;) these are things that you do at home. And I think that getting a rhythm and finding your belongings on shelves and in cupboards will help you acclimatise to the new space.

LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home

My temporary apartment came with a few basic furniture pieces: a sofa, a bed, open cupboard and this clothes rack. This made it easy for me to unpack, since the rooms had a place to hang and place everything. But I think that if especially the clothes rack wouldn’t have been there, I would have bought one. They are very affordable at Ikea and it is something that you can take with you to a new home, or give to someone else that needs it afterwards.


LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home

Having limited space in a suitcase can be very tricky when you have to decide what to bring. Or even when you are moving to a new home, you will probably want to get rid of things to make room.

I actually made a list when moving to Berlin starting with the things I use the most in my daily life. After having made that list I categorised it by size, putting my dishwasher at the very top;)
Now, of course I couldn’t bring my dishwasher with me, that was a pretty obvious one. Put after the dishwasher came my sewing machine. And that is when things got tricky.

I knew I needed it for this blog, and other projects. But it would fill up almost 1/3 of my suitcase. I had to decide between taking it with me or leaving it behind and buying or renting a new one..
In the end I took it with me and I am so happy that I did! I use it so often and it really was worth bringing a few less dresses with me.

LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home

For me, my sewing machine was the hardest choice when it came to packing my suitcase. But I am sure that you have a relatable item that might not fit into your suitcase-schedule. Like a guitar, a yoga mat, etc. All of these things are not necessary to live abroad and you probably won’t need them like you need a warm coat.
But to feel like home, you have to be able to get to do the things that you love the most. For me this is making projects on my sewing machine and doing Yoga with Adriene on a daily basis.


LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home

One of the first things that I did when moving into this apartment was buy basic items that I needed that the apartment didn’t have (pillow, pan, etc.) and get a plant.

The apartment was so empty and all of the walls are white, which I think is perfect for now. But it just needed colour and life. Soon after that I collaborated with the Joy of Plants and more plants filled my living room. And I noticed how nice it felt to have them around.

LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home

The good thing about getting plants for a home that you know you will have to leave, you just know that there will always be someone to happily keep your plants afterwards. They are not a wasteful thing, you can give them away and make someone else happy with them.
The only problem I had with getting plants was the cost of flowerpots and planters. So I decided to make them myself or restyle the cheapest one I could find at Ikea (which is a new DIY project for the blog!)


LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home


One of the few luxuries I allow myself to have is my Spotify account. I use it every day and I don’t go on my bike without listening to my favourite playlists.
Music has always had a big impact on me, I can relive entire moments by hearing a song. This makes having music around me crucial to achieve a sense of ‘home’.

But at home I use my laptop to play my music and I always miss the sound system that I had in my previous home (which didn’t make the cut during the suitcase-packing-lists)

Until now! I am so happy with this collaboration, because Tivoli Audio turns out to have the perfect solution for this: a speaker that works through Wifi or bluetooth and can be activated through a very easy to use app on your phone.
This means that I can listen to my Spotify playlists and favourites cd’s on an actual good sounding speaker without having to plug my phone or laptop in.

LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home

So now, when I am sewing away, taking photos at home or even try to cook (yes, I am the worst chef in the world, which is why you can see me slicing bread in the picture below and not making a fancy meal;) I can keep listening to my music through the speaker, without having to walk around the house with my laptop.

LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home

The speaker that you see in the pictures is the ART cube and the reason why I choose this one, is because its size is perfect for my suitcase/nomadic lifestyle. I can easily bring this with me to my next home! And if I decide to settle for a long-term home, I can get a few more and slowly build an entire home system. (sound goals!)

LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home

I am already so happy with this addition to my sense of home, that at first I overlooked how great it actually looks! It would be a really nice (holiday) gift to give to someone that is about to go to college or also stay in a temporary home, but honestly I think I will just keep this one for myself;)

If you would like to know more sign up for the Tivoli Audio emails and get a 10% discount on your own speakers which are available around the world and online.
Which one would you choose?! Let me know in the comment section below!


LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home

And last but certainly not least, my favourite way to make a place feel like home, is to fill it with decorative projects!

When you move into a temporary home, the chances are that you are living in a home that has been decorated by someone else. There might be some of your stuff there but you probably won’t bother to paint the walls or replace the curtains. Which means that you are staying in someone else ‘style and taste’.

You can be lucky and have a blank canvas or unlucky and live in a house that has been covered in pink paint (although now that I am writing this, it also sounds pretty cool to have a pink house!)
You won’t be able to do a full before/after on your temporary home, but there are a few things that you can do to adjust it to your taste:

– Remove and store any items that you don’t need and don’t like to look at (I put the giant old skool tv that came with my apartment in the closet)
– Rearrange the furniture to your liking.
– Hang things up on the wall. If you can use nails, great! If not, use washi tape.
– Buy candles in your favourite scent and light them at night.
– Add accessories that you might not need, but will add charm to the room. These don’t have to be things that are expensive. I made this Paper crane mobile in my bedroom (see pic above).
-Add plants to your rooms. You can even go vertical will my wall planter project(see pic below).


LIVING ABROAD | How to Make Your Temporary Home Feel Like Home


And that is it for now! Since I haven’t been living like this for long, I am also still learning and finding new ways to feel like ‘home’.
Do you have any special things or rituals that help in this situation? Let me know in the comments below or send me an email! x Lana



This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tivoli Audio. All opinions are 100% mine.

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OUTFIT | Birds Flying High

OUTFIT | Birds Flying High

Get ready for a blogpost filled with photos of, well, me…;) a few personal thoughts, upcoming projects and last but not least: my new flowy dress soaking up the sun in Berlin!

Showing off this dress has not been a challenge, because the weather here in Berlin has been amazing! The sun has been shining all week and I have made many walks trough the city, exploring new places and enjoying the warmth. Long flowy dresses are always my go to pieces when it’s very warm outside: easy and still stylish;)

Birds seem to be my theme this summer, after getting my dove cover up tattoo recently, I have been favouring items and images with birds on them (like this gorgeous photo by Alex Prager inspired by the movie ‘The Birds’). So when I found this bird printed dress online it fit right into my bird obsession.


New projects

Speaking of new outfits, I have been in a real sewing vibe lately. After my doodle shirt DIY, I have made another tutorial involving a warp dress, yes! And I have started a very easy upcycling project involving a thrifted blouse. Both will be up on the blog pretty soon, so stay tuned!
The last few weeks have been very calm, which I really like. I had some projects lined up, but took my time making them and doing a few personal sewing challenges in between. Berlin is still treating me very well, I am falling in love with this city more and more each day and I wish that the summer would never end.
Besides working on projects, I have been walking a lot, reading in parks, visiting museums and exploring new coffee places to work from, since working by yourself from home can be pretty dull.

I have also been following some blogs regularly, I especially love reading about the home renovations of Elsie on A Beautiful Mess. And I am very inspired by the open and honest posts of Bri of Design Love Fest, besides having some amazing style posts, she also writes about here anxiety and is very open on having her not-so-good-days, which I find very refreshing from a popular blogger like her.

What have you been up to lately? And who are your favourite bloggers to read right now?

outfit-_-birds-flying-high-6 OUTFIT | Birds Flying High OUTFIT | Birds Flying High OUTFIT | Birds Flying High OUTFIT | Birds Flying High OUTFIT | Birds Flying High

Let’s all enjoy these last moments of summer, I know I will! Happy sunny days everyone! xx Lana


Bird print wrap dress by SheIn

Sandals by Zara

Purse by H&M



Photography by Barbara
Editing by Lana

Tempelhofer Feld


STYLE | Ode To Pink

OUTFIT | Ode To Pink What started off with a pair of new pink shoes, quickly escalated into an “ode to pink” photography project!

In this very pink outfit post, not only will I show you my outfit ;) But I will also share the backstory of my inspiration for this post!
And… I am also finally showing off my completely healed new tattoo! Woohoo!

First things first, I have been working really hard to keep my promise when it comes to outfit posts: They should be fun! I love to experiment with photography and outfit posts are the perfect opportunity for me to think of fun, new and most of all random ideas and transform them in a photo project for this blog! 1 ← New to footnotes? Open these.

This results into some very varying blogposts;) When I look back and see the photos that I have made of me wearing a new outfit, I really see the ‘me’ from that moment in that picture.2

But let’s get back to Pink! I have been pinning away on Pinterest for years now, saving photography inspiration in my Photography board and in secret boards.3 I recently noticed that a great deal of my pinned photo inspiration have two things in common:

  1. They are extremely colourful!
  2. They usually have one simple aesthetic theme and subject.

This wasn’t a coincidence any longer, I am apparently a big fan of a certain photography ‘style’ without realising it!
Being inspired by my saved Pinterest photos, I decided to recreate a few in my own style as an ode to aesthetic photography and colour.

The first photo that I took was taken a few weeks ago. I had just received these gorgeous pink shoes and they matched so well with my new jumpsuit that I just had to take a jumping shot:

OUTFIT | Ode To Pink

The background was actually blue, but I felt that pink suited so much better and that is how I came up with the idea to make an outfit post dedicated to pink!

So what started off with one photo of me jumping in my pretty clogs (handmade from Maguba!) turned out to be a very mixed and long term project. I took all of the photos in one day, but selecting, editing and actually building up the courage to share them with you took waaay longer than I had expected.
Especially the sharing with you guys part is always the most frightening thing. I try to make what I like and what feels good. But I also want to keep things approachable (not sure if that is the right word for it) Taking a photo of me, playing with hand puppets (yes, socks on my hands;) might not be ‘approachable’ if you get what I mean.

What do you think? The weirder the better? Or is keeping things more natural a better way?

I loved the experimenting part. The photoshopping, picking colours and deciding which ones to share with you. For some reason though, they never felt finished. 4 But I gave myself a pep talk (aka glass of wine) and made yesterday-me promise to today’s-me that I will finish the photo’s today :)

OUTFIT | Ode To Pink

Oh, and what are those two flying creatures on your back doing there you say? Well, how wonderful of you to notice! That happens to be my new tattoo!

I got the tattoo about 5 weeks ago here in Berlin. This was a very well planned, well thought project that has been going on for years.
When I was 15, I got this tribal tattoo on my shoulder blade. I was very insecure and wanted something on my body that was ‘me’ and it served as this symbol that I could create my own beauty.

20 Years later, being very happy with the thought behind the tattoo, it just wasn’t ‘me’ anymore. I thought about removing it, but like I said, it wasn’t so much that I disliked the look of it, so I choose to go with a cover-up.
After looking for the right theme, subject, image, etc. for over 4 years, I finally made my decision and went with two doves.
I am not really sure how I came up with the idea of two doves exactly, since I have been searching for so long. But I think it’s a combination of vintage floral and bird prints, Paloma Faith’s back tattoo and the beauty of the spread wings of a flying bird.

It took some getting used to having a bigger tattoo than my previous one, but I am so very excited and happy with it!

OUTFIT | Ode To Pink OUTFIT | Ode To Pink

Did I already mention these pink shoes?! How pretty are they! I feel very Dutch when wearing them, because they are made from wood. It might not sound comfortable, but I guess my fellow Dutch ancestors knew what they were doing because they feel great!

OUTFIT | Ode To PinkOUTFIT | Ode To Pink


To finish this post, witch turned out to have so many different subjects and stories (sorry about that!) I hope that I may have inspired you a little bit, like so many photo’s have inspired me for this project.

You can find my biggest inspiration photos on the blog very soon, but for now: thank you for stopping by! Lana x



Shoes by Maguba
Jumpsuit by H&M
Glitter socks by Flying Tiger
Mixed Print socks by Happy Socks
Tattoo by Toe-Loop Berlin


DIY | Geometric Concrete Planter

DIY | Concrete Planter

So many firsts in this blogpost! Get ready to experience:
– The first LRS stop motion DIY video
– An easy peasy concrete mold invention
– My new favourite plant: the Pot Rose!

Today I am showing you my new Green DIY: a Geometric Concrete Planter!
(click here for the Dutch version)
I have seen a few concrete planter DIY’s before and I was always amazed by how well they would turn out ( I guess I thought that pouring concrete would involve building-a-house-kind-of-skills ;).
Besides it being scary to work with a new material, I also want to keep the projects on this blog as basic as possible. So starting a project and asking you to buy a million products just to create a planter seems a bit crazy.

Because I wanted to be in controle of the shape of the mold, it had to be something that I could bend and fold. And after experimenting (a lot!) with mold-like products, I thought: why not just use thin hobby cardboard? And you know what? It worked!

The trick is to use clear tape to seal the inside of the mold and prevent the concrete from wetting the paper. I think that this might be the coolest thing that I have ever made from scratch.

And I love that because it is a cardboard mold, you can make a million different shapes!

Combine the minimal planter with a delicate plant
As you probably noticed already, I am a big fan of green in my home. Plants give a space that extra detailed touch without being too prominent. Combine that green with girly colours and I am sold!

Mixing styles to create a new look is my main goal, and this project is perfect for that. I combined the minimal concrete planter with my new favourite plant: the pot Rose.
The crisp shapes of the concrete and the delicate roses, mix so well. And the pot rose comes in a whole range of colors. So you can pick a white rose, if you want to keep things minimal or go all out and fill the planters with the prettiest colours that you can find!
For more information about the pot rose visit : ( )


Video DIY


Photo DIY

DIY | Concrete Planter


– Concrete mix (preferably one without pebbles)
– Bucket, Water and something to mix the concrete with
– Cardboard
– Scissors
– Tape
– Ruler or Measuring Tape
– Pencil
– Plant ;)

DIY | Concrete Planter


For the outer mold:
– Decide the shape* of your planter, you can all out here! I found this shape here
– Draw the shape onto the cardboard and cut it out.
– Create the shape by folding the creases, following the drawn lines.

* The cardboard can hold quite a lot, but the bigger and higher the planter, the more chances that the weight of the concrete will ‘push’ the folded creases out.

DIY | Concrete Planter


For the inner mold:
– Measure the width and hight of the plant and add an extra cm.

DIY | Concrete Planter


– Draw a shape onto the cardboard in the width and hight of the plant you just measured.
– Draw a circle in the correct size, this will be the bottom of the inner mold.
– Cut the shapes out with your scissors.

DIY | Concrete Planter


– Place your pieces of paper onto a flat surface. We will now be ‘waterproofing’ the paper.
– Add strokes of tape onto the pieces. For the outer told, tape the inside* of the paper. For the inner told, tape the outside* of the paper.

* To simplify: everything that will be touching the wet concrete needs a layer of tape.

DIY | Concrete Planter


– Fold the mold into shape, securing it with tape.
– Mix the concrete* according to the instructions on the bag.

* If the concrete contains any stones, pebble, etc. use a sieve to remove them.

DIY | Concrete Planter


– Pour the concrete it the outer mold. Fill it up to about 3/4.
– Take the inner mold and press* it into the concrete. Placing it neatly in the middle of the outer mold, until about a cm from the bottom.

*In case the inner mold comes back up, because of the pressure of the concrete. Place something heavy on it, like a bottle of water.

DIY | Concrete PlanterSTEP 7

– Let the mood dry for as long as the bag says.
– After it has dried, remove the paper from the planter.

All done!

DIY | Concrete Planter DIY | Concrete Planter DIY | Concrete Planter DIY | Concrete Planter DIY | Concrete Planter DIY | Concrete Planter DIY | Concrete Planter

OUTFIT | Bright and Bold in Berlin

OUTFIT | Bright and Bold

Not only am I sharing one of my new favourite dresses with you today, I am also happy to announce that I just moved into my second temporary apartment in Berlin!

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about: I am currently living out of suitcase in Berlin (you know modern, nomadic, crazy, whatever you would like to call it;) You can read more about the start of my journey in this blogpost.

So, my last Berlin apartment was a temporary one and I stayed there for 2,5 months (yes, it’s crazy that I have been here for that long already!). I was lucky enough to find a new apartment in my favourite neighbourhood Neukölln for a very affordable price and also on a temporary basis (you know ‘nomad’ style). My cats are already enjoying themselves on the balcony and in the communal garden and I am slowly settling in by thinking of random DIY decor projects to make it feel more like my home for the next few months.

One of the things that I love the most about this apartment is how ‘clean’ it looks, big white walls, light painted wooden floor, high ceilings. It is a perfect blank canvas, because any color that I add, just immediately pops!

Which brings me to my outfit! How cute is this dress? I am collaborating with Lindybop and this dress truly became my new favourite summer dress as soon as I put it on! It’s vintage, it’s pink and makes me look like my waist is half it’s size ;)

I can only have so many dresses, because as  I am living out of suitcase. But this one will definitely travel along with me on my current journey!

Because the weather suddenly stopt being perfect here, I combined my new dress with the inside of my new home for this outfit post. Giving you a little peek into my new living room and bedroom.
As you can see it still feels a little bit empty, there is not much furniture so I will definitely have to come up with some big DIY projects to fill the many empty spaces.

More stories about my new home and recent Berlin adventures will be on the blog and in the next newsletter very soon. Stay tuned!

OUTFIT | Bright and Bold OUTFIT | Bright and Bold OUTFIT | Bright and Bold OUTFIT | Bright and Bold OUTFIT | Bright and Bold OUTFIT | Bright and Bold OUTFIT | Bright and Bold

Dress by Lindybop

Shoes by Cocorose London



GREEN DIY | Wall Planter

GREEN DIY | Wall Planter

In case you missed it: plants are thé home decor accessory of 2016. Pinterest is booming and people are loving the green items filling their homes. I am also very much in love with this trend and embraced it with a giant statement wall DIY!

I collaborated with ( and represent the Flower of the Month: White Fragrant Plants.
Can you imagine: collaborating with a company that is all about flowers?! I certainly danced around at the news;)

And if things couldn’t get better, the plants really do smell amazing!

The plants arrived a while ago and ever since I started working on this DIY my home is filled with smells that can only remind me of a warm spring day.

About the DIY: I started a Pinterest board that is all about Green 2 months ago, and I have been looking for inspiration on incorporating plants in DIY projects. already has an amazing database of plant tutorials. So I was really looking for something original, but also something that is adjustable to everybody’s home, whether your house is small, big, temporary, etc.

This vertical wall plant system was the perfect solution! The steel mesh comes in a great variety of shapes and sizes, and you can hang it on the wall, use it as a room divider or place it on top of a flat surface if you are not able to drill holes in your walls.
It is also perfect to decorate according to taste: keep it minimal, add a touch of colour, or fill it with personal items. The options are endless!

As you can see, I am very excited! And looking at it in my house always brings a smile to my face, because it is BIG, but it doesn’t feel like it. It also doesn’t take up any space in the room, since it is on the wall.


Well embrace yourself for a little bit more excitement, because this DIY is also available on video! This is a LRS first: a DIY video!! Woohoo!

So take your pick: video or, photo, or both, go crazy! ;)

Here is the Video DIY:


GREEN DIY | Wall Planter


– Plants. I used 3 different plants:
– Gardenia
– Stephanotis
– Jasmine

– Steel Mesh ( I bought mine at the local gardenstore, they come in a variety of colours and sizes and are perfect for this low budget project)
– Hanging Pots (The pots used in this tutorial are from Ikea, and originally used in the kitchen)
– Hooks (from Ikea)

* Optional – Neon coloured rope

GREEN DIY | Wall Planter


– Pot the plants. Be very careful not to damage the roots and if necessary add a little bit of extra soil.

GREEN DIY | Wall Planter


– Water all of the plants after repotting them.

GREEN DIY | Wall Planter


– Attach the rings and hooks to the pot.

GREEN DIY | Wall Planter


– Place the rack/mesh on the wall or on a flat surface, depending on your choice of presentation.

GREEN DIY | Wall Planter


– Hang the pots onto the rack. Mix and match different pots and plants.

Style tip: Decorate the empty spaces with artwork, memorabilia, notes and other fun personal items to create a statement wall


* Optional – Decorate the rack with neon coloured rope around the plants. This wall add a splash of colour and shows you when the plant has grown.GREEN DIY | Wall Planter

Small space in your home or living in a studio apartment? Use this tutorial as a room divider! Create a private space by adding as many plants as you want to cover the entire surface or keep it open by spreading the plants.

GREEN DIY | Wall Planter GREEN DIY | Wall Planter GREEN DIY | Wall Planter GREEN DIY | Wall Planter

Want to add more personality? Fill the empty spaces with memorabilia, such as: picture frames, drawings, cards, personal notes and candles. The possibly are endless and you can change it as often as you like!

GREEN DIY | Wall Planter GREEN DIY | Wall Planter GREEN DIY | Wall Planter GREEN DIY | Wall Planter GREEN DIY | Wall PlanterGREEN DIY | Wall Planter

Lana Red Studio Items used:
Flower Printing DIY
Book Print DIY

More information on how to take care of your white fragrant plants can be found on the website of


OUTFIT | Oh So Seventies

OUTFIT | Oh So Seventies

Oh How I lOVE the seventies!!

This new outfit post is dedicated to warm yellows and wide legged pants and I am crazy about it!!
I already mentioned it in my recent newsletter that ever since I started watching the second season of Fargo (on Netflix people, start watching!), I have been obsessed with the seventies style. Giant earrings, hats, and high waisted pants have made its comeback in my wardrobe and I am completely embracing the style.

I have always been a fan of combining outfits, decades, trends, prints, you name it. And the ‘classic seventies style’ seems to go with anything.

What do you think? Your decade or are you skipping this trend?

And as a side not, I have decided to skip doing regular outfit posts for now (you know: outside, street style, etc.) instead I embrace photoshop, art, theatrics, and go crazy! This time it’s prints time and I have transformed my living room walls into print decors. I hope you like it!!


OUTFIT | Oh So SeventiesOUTFIT | Oh So SeventiesOUTFIT | Oh So Seventies


Top by Pepaloves
Pants by Pepaloves
Hat bought in Vietnam

OUTFIT | A Very Vintage Fall

OUTFIT | A Very Vintage FallHey guys! Fall is officially here and that inspired me to do a vintage themed outfit post this week!
I have been working on a stage design in the last few weeks and it mostly involved actually ‘building’ a huge decor.

Crafting went to a whole new level the moment that I started to build a huge staircase as a part of the stagedesign! Sawing, painting, drilling, it’s all part of the process. Which ment that I had to wear old clothes for over two weeks now.

And I know that it sounds extremely girly, but not being able to wear my pretty dresses or heels, makes me feel less like myself. Crazy right!

So, when I received my very pretty vintage little black dress form TopVintage, I grabbed the opportunity on my only ‘day off’ to wear it and do this photoshoot as an ode to a vintage fall. I embraced the girliness and googled ‘retro hair’ to be inspired and found many cute hairstyles! (which inspired me for my upcoming blogpost;) I also found the inspiration for the do in these photos.

The dress made my day, and I felt like myself again. It also made me feel less sad about the weather changing, because it means that I get to wear more vintage looking winter dresses!

OUTFIT | A Very Vintage FallOUTFIT | A Very Vintage FallOUTFIT | A Very Vintage Fall OUTFIT | A Very Vintage FallOUTFIT | A Very Vintage Fall OUTFIT | A Very Vintage Fall OUTFIT | A Very Vintage Fall

I am not sure when I started to be so into dresses, especially vintage ones. But I just love the way that they make me feel and with my posture it always feels more suitable and fitted. That is why I am so excited about having my new little black dress!! It seriously goes with everything!

Speaking of girly vintage dresses, I can’t wait to see your favourite ones! I am always on the lookout for new inspiration for sewing and/or shopping and tips and tricks are definitely more than welcome!


Dress by TopVintage retro boutique
Hair Extensions by Lana Red Studio
Background artwork by Lana Red Studio

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

How about a blogpost that is all about shopping! Because let’s be honest here, one of the biggest perks of being a blogger is shopping for supplies!

In other words:

Today I am sharing my shopping trip for LRS newest DIY project with you, including shopping tips and tricks!

You can find me in all sorts of stores and markets very frequently because I am always in the need for new inspiration, craft supplies and well, cute dresses;)

This week I had the pleasure of collaborating with NS and their OV fiets. The OV fiets (bike) makes a day trip by train even more complete: you simply choose a city, jump on the train, pick a pretty OV fiets at your destination station and get the chance to discover a city in the real Dutch way: by Bike!

This made my shopping days a whole lot more practical. Instead of walking for hours with my shopping bags, I could just hop on the bike and visit many more places than I actually had in mind.
And also a very big plus: I could wear heels! I looove wearing pumps, but when I go to markets it just doesn’t work because it involves a lot of walking. Going by bike apparently also adds style:)

I found a very special person (aka boyfriend) that was willing to follow me all day to document what a shopping day in my home town of Utrecht would look like. And as a special treat for this post, we also shot a short video to really get in the city-bike-adventure mood:

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

L E T S   S T A R T – How I start my day? Deciding where I want to shop. In my own city (Utrecht) or somewhere else. I don’t own a car (or a drivers license for that matter) so I always take a train when I visit different cities. This time a stayed in Utrecht and went to the station to pick up the pretty OV fiets, as a starting point for my journey.

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

P R A C T A L   S U P P L I E S – I always need tape, paper, ribbon, etc. These items always come in handy for styling a photo or to decorate gifts. I usually go to Flying Tiger for these things, because they have so many cute products and an awesome vintage playlist in the store.

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

S H O P P I N G   L I S T – I am usually very organised but for some reason I always forget half the things that I need, so I keep a list on my phone that I check during the day, to make sure I don’t forget anything.

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My BicyclePERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

D I Y – My shopping list mainly consisted of supplies for my new Do It Yourself project. This time the supplies where a little bit more adventurous than usual: flowers! yes! For my new project, flowers will be the main ingredient.

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

L U N C H – Shopping? Eating! I actually put this one on my list! Because biking on an empty stomach is not a good idea. And it helps to take a break and go through your list again.  Today’s lunch was at Gys, one of my new favourite places.

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My BicyclePERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

F A B R I C   M A R K E T – I actually didn’t need any fabric for this project, but I couldn’t resist visiting the market and buying a few fabrics for future projects.
( I am actually working on a re-upholstering project and found the perfect fabric! Yay!)

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

A R T   SU P P L I E S – I love art supply stores, they just smell like projects and ideas. I bought some pretty linen paper here at Swaak and I had a pretty hard time not to buy everything they own.

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

T R E A T   Y O U R S E L F – Ok, ice cream wasn’t on my shopping list.. but I bought it anyway. The lesson I learned: you don’t have to follow your list by heart, sometimes something delicious will come in your way and you will just bike a bit faster to compensate;)

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

S H O P P I N G   W I S D O M – Sometimes I can’t find the exact supplies that I need and have to alter a project. I have learned that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it can force you to think different about the end result.

Today I didn’t find the flowers that I was looking for, but discovered that the once that I had bought worked even better than planned!

Can I finally tell you what the project is? Yes! I have been shopping for a Flower Print project!
It involves a very unusual technique, but it is so easy and the best part: it looks very pretty!

Here’s a sneak peek, you can find the complete tutorial on the blog!

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

My day was so much fun! I found all of the supplies that I needed, had ice cream, visited a million places thanks to the very affordable OV bike: did you know that a bike online costs €3,15- a day! All you need is subscription ( €10,- per year, Dutchies only), and last but definitely not least: I got to do it all in my new favourite dress by Pepaloves!

Now that I have shown you my shopping routine, I am very curious to hear about yours! What are your tips? And do you also go by bike?

Let me know in the comment section below! xx Lana