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RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga

RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga

If you would have told me last year that I would be writing a blogpost about a form of working out, let alone include pictures of me wearing a tight yoga outfit I really would have called you crazy.

This post is a pretty personal one, because it comes down to how I feel about my body and the embarrassment of never really having exercised in my life. Reading about other people with similar stories online has really helped me, and to give a little bit back and maybe/hopefully help and encourage others I am sharing my story with you. 

A short bio of my non-workout past (which all of you ‘Baby Spices’ might identify with)

Yes, this is me in a pink dress, barbie heels and jewelry

The title already reveals it, I have always been the ‘baby spice’ of the group. (yes this is a Spice Girl reference, because they are the best and I was a big fan when I was young: girl power!) I wore pig tails, pink skirts and never did any form of sport (except one year of horseback riding, which obviously didn’t help me get rid of my girly reputation..)

It is an understatement to say that I don’t like exercising, I never have and trust me I tried. Reading about this subject online in preparation for this blogpost I felt a huge relief, because it turns out that I am not alone in this! I have read forums where I spotted similar stories and it felt great to be part of a big misunderstood group of people.

I am and always have been very aware of the necessity of moving around, because it keeps you healthy. So I bike everywhere I go, take long walks, etc. Not to mention that if I didn’t do this and keep eating my favourite food cravings and the occasional glass of wine I wouldn’t fit into my clothes anymore;)

But, a part of me still wanted to fit in, literally and figuratively. I have always been insecure about my body, which I think many of you might recognise. When I turned 15 my, ahum, ‘rear end’ decided to grow two dress sizes, while the rest of my body stayed the same.. (which is why I rarely wear trousers) Only an extreme diet or very regular exercise might be a solution to get my body more balanced out, but I am just not prepared to go that far. (also, I would lie if I said that there isn’t the occasional voice in my head that wants me to be slimmer. But the realist in me is already really happy to get more strength and tone my body)
It did however encourage me to keep searching for a form of workout that I did not hate. So after trying: jogging, going to the gym, swimming, biking and group workout classes, I noticed that besides the form of workout I also didn’t like to schedule my workouts on a set date and time. My work schedule and daily mood is not regular, so why should my exercise be?

RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga


I decided to approach it in a way that I approach most of my projects: google. I searched for things that I could do at home and that didn’t require any special items, machines, etc. That is when I found my favourite youtube channel: Yogawithadriene. She has become pretty popular so you might have heard of her. Besides a ton of awesome (free!) yoga videos she also has a playlist called ’30 days of yoga’. Those 30 days introduced me to Yoga and it was the first time in my life that I actually managed to do things that I was never able to do before. (touch my toes while bending forward for instance;)

I realised that I love to get more strength, instead of being able to run fast and it is so much harder (in a good way) than I thought.

Now, before I go all crazy and start to sound like a spokesperson for yoga, I wouldn’t say that it changed my life but it simply showed me that moving, besides going from a to b, can be sort of nice. I am not a very spiritual person and while searching for yoga videos I found a lot of channels that were a bit too wishy washy for my taste. But I just like to keep it technical and focused on strengthening my body.


After finishing the 30 days challenge I realised that I should make a plan before I would fall into my old habits. So I started to repeat the 30 days, but this time every other day. I got a yoga mat as a present and the wonderful Onzie sponsored my outfit so that I could practice in style. They actually have pieces that go so well with my body shape: high waisted yoga pants! Hurray!

And here we are now: 1 year later and I am still practicing on a daily basis. Depending on my mood, I pick a video that matches my moods level and place my laptop next to my mat and start the practice. Because I am not doing it to loose weight, which is why I used to start new workouts before, it feels less stressful and less of an obligation.

But just because I don’t have a weight goal, it doesn’t mean that I can’t make it more of a challenge. There are 3 things that I have always wanted to be able to do: A headstand, the splits and an impressive amount of push-ups. Because whenever I see people do these things, they look so cool and I am always genuinely impressed!

RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga
On the left: the last time I remember doing a headstand. On the right: 4 days ago!

And I am proud to say that I (finally!) managed to do the headstand on my own with the help of a wall for the first time since I was 10 years old. I apparently have a great fear of falling, so managing to do this on my own was a really nice moment.

RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga

I never had any new years resolutions, but I do like to think of what kinds of things I would like to achieve. Luckily Yoga With Adriene (she is not sponsoring me, I am just a fan;), who I mentioned before is starting a new free 31 day program TODAY called Yoga Revolution! She is posting a new yoga video on youtube every day for the next 31 days and I am very excited to learn new moves and skills this month.

It would be so much fun if you could join me and let me know how it goes! Click here to go the youtube playlist. And let me know if you are also starting the challenge today in the comment section or shoot me an email.

And to finish this blogpost: Photos of a selection of the moves that I learned this last year.
(All taken by me, which I think deserves some kind of medal because I had to press a button on the remote, hide the remote and wanted to look cool and non-sweaty.. I am still sore right now:))

RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with YogaRESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with YogaRESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga RESOLUTIONS | How I Went From Baby Spice to Sporty Spice with Yoga

Top and legging by the wonderful Onzie
Yogamat by Superyoga



2016 | A Year in Pictures

2016 | A Year in Pictures

What a better way to spend the last week of the year by browsing through a year in pictures. Having a blog really has it’s perks, because when I feel nostalgic or when I can’t remember for the life of me what I was doing last February I just scroll through my own blog and/or Instagram page.

It’s like when they announce the oscar nominations and you think, ‘wow has that movie really only been out for a year’? That feeling perfectly describes my memory storage ability, because my mind can be pretty forgetful sometimes. For instance, I completely forgot that it was this year when I had my television debut. It feels like a lifetime ago!


I am not really someone that looks back on a past year to reflect and turn past faults into new resolutions. (not that there is anything wrong with that!) But I do like to think of past experiences and travels and memories, just because it’s fun!
So while thinking of the last 12 months in preparation for writting this post I came to the conclusion that it has been a strange year, definitely not my easiest one. There have been a lot of changes in my personal life and I am definitely in one of those so-called ‘transition periods’ right now. Which makes me extremely curious of what is ahead, and the inpatient part of me constantly wishes to skip a few months to see what everything will look like in June. However I choose to keep this blog semi-personal so I won’t entertain you with the strangeness of my 2016 (although I will of course answer any questions you might have, no secrets here!), but instead jump to a much more fun subject:

DIY projects! Yeah!

For the last 2 years I have been spending more time on each project, resulting in less tutorials, but more detailed and longer blogposts. I love this and I am still very happy that I made this decision. When I look back on the DIY’s that I made this year I get a smile on my face, because when I was working on those projects I felt great and so inspired:)
I hope that the fun that I have when making my projects reflects on the blog and hopefully inspires you to start making your own projects!

Here are my favourite blog moments from 2016:


(temporarily) Moving to Berlin and sharing my adventures with you on this blog has definitely been my favourite activity! I am still in awe of this city and it really has been a major improvement (location wise) in my life. You can find my blogposts on Berlin in the Personal section. And if you are planning to visit, go to the special Berlin page for my Berlin tips!

2016 | A YEAR IN PICTURESIt is sometimes a bit awkward to take pictures of myself and show my new outfit to you guys, but every now and then it works out really well! I think that this was my favourite one last year. It was such a pretty sunny day and this dress just really makes me happy and excited for spring and summer. To see more photos go the Bold & Bright Outfitpost.

Sharing my new tattoo with you was exciting, nerve-wracking and scary all at the same time! These two doves are the result of covering up an old tribal tattoo that I had since I was 15. Since I can’t really cover it up again, it was a very hard decision and step to make. It took me 5 years to get the courage to finally take the step and choose my final cover-up design!
Tattoos are so personal and it is one of those subjects that really comes down to taste. Showing you mine was really one of my highlights this year! Tell me, did you get any tattoos this year?

2016 | A YEAR IN PICTURESI love to collaborate through my blog and whenever you read that one of my posts is ‘sponsored’ it means that I got to work with a company that either I choose to work with (which means that I send them an email, you can find more about this in this detailed blogpost ) or that contacted me and I had a real connection with.

But my all-time favourite collaborations are with the wonderful Mollie Makes Magazine team! They always come up with fun new project ideas and I it is just so magical to see your work in print:)

Above you can see our Party Balloon collaboration project.


Another wonderful collaboration that I did last year was with The Joy Of Plants They have a great ongoing themed project called ‘plant of the month’. In 2016 I got to work with two different plants and came up with 2 DIY projects to display the plants in your home.
The first one I did was a wall design DIY that can be incorporated in anyones home.
The second DIY project (see photo above) is a concrete planter that is incredibly easy to make. I actually made the mold out of cardboard and tape! View the full concrete planter project here.


My own Etsy shop!

Only 3 weeks ago did I decide to finally get ready and sell some of my projects. I have been making so many items over the last few years, and I always had a thought in the back of my mind to sell the finished DIY products that I didn’t use. But it always seemed a bit strange to sell a single item, since I only made one for the tutorial.

I decided not to do that, but instead open up shop and give people the opportunity to buy products that I made, but would need a certain skill, material or timeframe that not everybody has. I still wrote posts on how to make them yourself in case you are feeling crafty, but it felt good to give options.

You can view all of my Etsy products here.


I cannot believe that I didn’t try crocheting before! The sweater that you see in the above photo is my first ever crochet project and I just cannot believe how fun it was to make!

The last year has been a bit more stressful than usual for me, and I have found that crocheting completely calms me down. It is such a great way to escape, clear my mind and work on a long-term project. (tip: I listened to audio books while crocheting, which truly is the best!)

After this sweater DIY I just could not stop crocheting and I have been making up fun things to crochet ever since! I might do more crochet projects in the future, so stay tuned!

2016 | A YEAR IN PICTURESI really couldn’t do a roundup of the last year without including an origami project. I have been origami crazy this year! I am still not tired of it and I am just in love with the technique! Not only have I been using origami for my DIY projects, I also googled the history of origami, watched documentaries (yes, seriously,  that means more than one!) and I have watched slightly too many satisfying origami gifs

But luckily it resulted in a few of my favourite projects this year:

Origami Mobile DIY (suitable for any home)
Copper Leafing Origami Artwork
Origami Embroidered Notebook DIY
Copper Origami Brooch DIY
Origami Inspired Concrete Planter DIY

And to end this years last blogpost a short video roundup of the LRS 2016:


How has your year been? And what are your plans for 2017? Or did you decide like me, just not to have any plans?

I hope that you have a lovely end the of the year celebration, and get ready because I already scheduled a new blogpost for the first day of 2017!!

xx Lana

Merry Christmas!


A Merry Christmas everyone!! 

I hope that you will all enjoy this glittery time of the year! I will be spending it eating lots of chocolate and cuddling with the cats here in Berlin. What are your plans? Something nice and non-stressful I hope :)

And since it is a special day, I wanted to give an extra thanks to all of you that are reading my blog and leaving me the sweetest comments and emails: You are the best!!
The online world is such a strange and magical place and it has brought me to you, and you to me and that, to me is the best Christmas gift I could ever wish for!

Thank you! Love, Lana


SHOP | The LRS Store

SHOP | The LRS Store

I am so excited to share this news with you my dear friends: I have just started my own shop!!

I have selected a few items that I will sell in my own Etsy shop called shoplanaredstudio
(you can also see the selected items in the “SHOP” page on this blog)

You might recognise some of the pieces, because they can also be found in my DIY archive. Yes, you read that right, you can also make them yourself!

So why sell items that I have shared as Do-It-yourself projects and that you can remake yourself?Because there is no one that can understand the process of a difficult DIY process better than me.

Busy schedules, two left hands, no time to make that last minute present and sometimes the supplies to make one item will cost more than to buy it.

As an answer to all of the above and more, I opened up shop
The projects will stay online, so you can still make them yourself if you want to. And I will even share the concrete pendants that you can find in this blogpost as a DIY project on the blog very soon!

But for those of you that are interested in shopping my handmade projects, please visit the online store.

Read more below

SHOP | The LRS Store

As you probably already guessed by the content of this blog, I love to craft and make unique projects. But sometimes I don’t have the time or resources to make a last minute gift or product that I need. My go-to store for these situations has been Etsy. I love to give items that are still personal, handmade and most of all unique.

I have been thinking of opening my own store ever since I was little, and as silly as it may sound since Etsy is such a big platform, it kind of feels like a big deal to me.
The reason why I haven’t started my own shop before is because I like to keep my life budget friendly and share that budget friendly lifestyle with you, which is why I try to make most of the things that I need and show you how to do that as well.

But I realised that I also shop online from time to time and as long as the products are in my style, budget and ethics, I secretly really like to shop for one-of-a-kind items.

Which is why I have decided to make and sell my favourite DIY projects!

These are all projects that involve either a special skill (embroidery), material (copper plate) or a lot of supplies (pouring concrete).

So for those of you that are looking for a special (Christmas) gift or a last minute accessory, but don’t get the chance to make it yourself: Shop LanaRedStudio!!

SHOP | The LRS StoreSHOP | The LRS StoreSHOP | The LRS Store SHOP | The LRS Store


I have selected a few items to sell to see how that goes. But I would love to create more products in the future.
Are there any items that you would like to see in my Etsy shop? Did you struggle with a project or would you simply like to order a DIY result product without the DIY process?

Let me know, and maybe it will be in the shop soon!

PERSONAL | Berlin Update

BERLIN | Update

I know it’s a cliché, but time really goes by so fast! It has been 4 months since I moved to Berlin! Yes, 4 months!  So many things have happened and at the same time, I also did a lot of nothing:) 1  ← New to footnotes? Open these.

Quick side note: Why am I writing this?
Since I last sold and gave away almost all of my belongings 2 (except for my dresses obviously) I moved out of my house and went to Berlin. I have no idea what my plans are, where I will be living next year and even if this is a good idea. But it feels right to make this big change.
There are three reasons why I am writing this:
1 – To entertain – who doesn’t love a peek into someone else’s life
2 – To inspire – when reading this, maybe you can join me and start an adventure and join my scary-but-fun way of living
3 – To inform – See it as if I am paving the way for your next journey. Maybe you can learn from my mistakes in the future ;)


So let’s start where we left off since my last update.

Or jump to a favourite topic within this post:

– House + Cat = home?
– German Course
– Daily life
– Creative Berlin
– Staying Realistic
– Random Events

House + Cat = home?

I am currently in my second Berlin home. The first one was a very temporary one and I stayed there for about 2.5 months. It was in a neighbourhood called Kreuzberg. It was a wonderful apartment but it belonged to someone else, so we 3 were living in a furnished apartment with lot’s of other peoples stuff. Making it mentally not a true ‘home’.

My current home is in Neukölln, a neighbourhood that I absolutely love.
Here is a stylish Berlin map made by moi, so that you can have a visual of what I am talking about. ↓


As you can see, the two neighbourhoods that I have been staying in are right next to each other. The Neukölln area is pretty big, and I am staying at the top part. 4 Kreuzberg is currently a very popular area and even though I liked it, it has started to get a little bit too popular (aka expensive) for my taste to live. So moving from there to Neukölln was perfect, since a lot of parts still have that ‘raw’ Berlin feeling.

I mainly move around by bike, which I brought with me from The Netherlands. Although Berlin is very big, it is very doable by bike. And I take the subway for longer distance (or lazy days)

BERLIN | Update
Berlin Subway
BERLIN | Update
My Neukölln home

My current home is a nice two bedroom apartment. We can stay here until at least September, and maybe longer. It has a small balcony and a communal garden (which is perfect for the cats)

I noticed as soon as I moved into this apartment, that even though it is a temporary house in a (for me) temporary neighbourhood, I am very much a creature of habit. I have been starting to make this place feel more like home, by decorating and moving around the very limited furniture that is here. So ‘nomad’ style? Not really, I already bought stuff I really don’t need simply to ‘prettify’ my house 5

Anyway, besides decorating I have also made lots of strolls and evening walks around the neighbourhood to get to know the area. It is amazing how many simple things you take for granted when living in a place for many years, like:
– Knowing your way around your local grocery store
– Hearing sounds and noises and being able to place them
– Finding your way back home ( I got lost many times, when I was actually only 5 minutes from my house)

German Course

So, ok, I moved to Berlin. And what happened next?
The first thing I did was take an intensive German course. I could not speak a single word of German 6 , and while I was still figuring the city out I thought it might be good to speak some of the language.
The course was 5 days a week for about 4,5 hours a day + homework. I started with one month and extended it with another month.
It was hard, I mean really hard. I always had trouble learning languages and the grammar part was killing me. But after a while you get the hang of it and you start to recognise sounds. It is also a good place to interact with other people. Moving to a new city means you don’t know anyone and it can sometimes be (big understatement, it can be very) lonely.

And am I fluent in German now? Ha! I wish! I went from being one step away of learning the alphabet all over again to being able to order things and recognise a few words when someone talks very fast to me at the grocery store. But at least it’s a start and I do notice that it gradually gets better.

BERLIN | Update
German Course

For more info on my German course, I took mine at the Sprachenatelier in Friedrichshain. But there are also others that have great reviews. I do advice to check the pricing when looking for a course, because they vary extremely.

Daily life

Besides going to language school every day, I mainly walked around, biked around, hung in Parks, and ate lot’s of cake. I know: terrible ;)
I took it extremely slow. I told myself to find an extra job to help paying my bills (this blog unfortunately doesn’t do that completely) but instead I did all of the above. I am not sure if that was a good thing, but I don’t know if I could have done it differently even if I wanted to. For some reason I couldn’t focus on main issues and was extremely in the moment. The language course gave me a routine, but other than that I just did whatever felt good. wether that was going to a park, do some sightseeing or staying inside and watching a movie or reading a book.

BERLIN | Update BERLIN | Update

I tried to put as little pressure on myself to ‘see it all’. I had read many things online on people flying through cities, going from one event to the next, trying to experience as much of Berlin as possible. That is just not how it works for me. To me, discovering a new city is knowing my way back home by bike, discovering the best park to sit in the sun and finding the best craft stores and markets to do what I like best: make things.

Which brings me to my next chapter (yes, this is starting to feel like writing a book)

Creative Berlin

Besides hanging out in parks and eating cake, I also had some jobs. Mainly collaborations for this blog and a few fun small photography assignments.
Having the collaborations meant that I had to find the best markets, second hand stores and craft stores to find the right and affordable items. I think that this was the most fun in Berlin so far!

Riding my bike through the city shopping for supplies, it was great!

BERLIN | Update
Flea market
BERLIN | Update
Photography assignment for Das Mag Festival

Staying Realistic

What else can I tell you about my recent adventures? It has been a strange time, great but sometimes also difficult. The reason that I am saying this is because I don’t want to give a false impression on how this kind of lifestyle is. It is great to be optimistic and I truly applaud everyone that has written fun and positive stories of travelling and living a nomadic lifestyle. But it’s also good to stay realistic every once in a while. Living this way comes with a lot of uncertainties: where will I live next? How will I find a job when I don’t have a permanent home? Which cake should I eat today? I am just kidding with that last one obviously (or am I? ;)

I think it’s a balancing act to stay positive and realistic. Weighing the insecurities against the quality of life. And asking yourself the right questions: Are the insecurities clouding my joyful moments? Am I happier living like this versus having the security of a steady home and job? Will I regret it if everything goes back to ‘normal’?

Luckily all of the answers to my ‘realistic question list’ are still pretty much the same as when I moved here. And I must say that the Berlin summer is also a BIG factor into why it all feels right. The weather is great and the city is just alive 24/7. We have been eating on terraces multiple times a week for 2 months now 7 .

BERLIN | Update
The view along my bike route to the Language course

Random Events

Last but not least here are some random things that I did since I was here:
– Visit a few abandoned buildings 8
– Get a new tattoo!! (I covered the old tattoo on my back with a new design. It was a huge step and I am extremely excited to show you the end result. I will dedicate a blogpost to it as soon as it’s healed)
– Host friends and family
– Get a museumpass and visit museums
– Eat cake (or did I mention this already about 5 times?)

And that is the end of my way too detailed Berlin update. Here are a few random photos to celebrate ↓

BERLIN | Update
Getting my coverup tattoo. EXCITING! More about this on the blog very soon!
BERLIN | Update
Abandoned swimming pool ‘Blub’
BERLIN | Update
Home Office
BERLIN | Update
On the left – Abandoned Children’s Hospital

BERLIN | Update BERLIN | Update BERLIN | Update BERLIN | Update BERLIN | Update
BERLIN | Update


Thank you for reading and following my Berlin adventure!
Do you want to learn more about my story? Follow my journey on Instagram

Questions? Notes? Random thoughts? Let me know! I would love to have a chat!


PERSONAL | (sort of) Moving To Berlin

PERSONAL | Moving To BerlinAs the title of this blogpost already gave it away: I moved to Berlin!!

It is al very exciting, strange, crazy and many more things. But most of all wonderful!

Just a heads up: I decided to try a different kind of ‘lifestyle‘ ( I hate that word, but for the life of me can’t think of a different one to describe it) where I don’t have a permanent home.
So this post isn’t really my story of how I ‘organised my suitcase’ or ‘how to move abroad’, but more about trying something new and seeing where it goes.

Let’s start with the back story ( I promise to keep it short;)) I have been living in a different way than most people for over 7 years now. I have lived in so-called ‘temporary homes’. This means that I have lived in an office building for three years and two different apartments after that for very little money.

Temporary homes you say? Uhhm what? I get your question! It means that I have lived in a building or apartment for very little rent, in exchange I kept the space occupied so it wouldn’t be squatted. The only downside is that the contract could end at any moment. So I could get an email or letter saying that I had to find something else within 3 months (this is the minimum amount of time they have to give you). I found living this way great! I have been very lucky and could stay in my previous houses/apartments/buildings for a couple of years, so I didn’t have to move very often.

PERSONAL | Moving To Berlin
Moving day at my last apartment

My last apartment was in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I have lived there for over 4 years and it was a wonderful house, it was big, had a huge garden and it was near my school (plus I could do many home decor projects for this blog in such a big house). A couple of months ago I got the notice that I had to move out in March 2016. Having finished school and working from home, I found it very hard to decide where to live next. Jobs or schools had always decided the next location for me.

And that is when the crazy idea of living out of a suitcase came up!

My boyfriend works abroad a lot and we had being playing with the idea to live wherever he had to work, rent a temporary apartment en move again when his next job started. And we would do this until we got tired of it. So who knows, one year, two..

So here we are, first stop: Berlin!

PERSONAL | Moving To Berlin

The crazy thing is, it actually went very easy. It didn’t involve much planning, just loads of decision making. How to find a temporary house?, what to bring?, what to leave behind?, what to sell? and do we bring our adorable cats or find a temporary stable home for them?

So here comes the part that might be interesting for you. Because while doing this, I have learned so much! And who knows, maybe it can inspire you in some way:)

I am not saying that everybody should become a nomad ( yes, that is apparently what I am called now, a nomad. I looked it up;)) But I do wish that my story inspires you to bring a little bit of adventure into your life.

So, I mentioned a lot of decision making before. That was the part that I found the most difficult. I found out that I have a loooot of stuff. Just random stuff that I don’t need, but keep “just in case”. I got rid of almost all of it, I must admit there might have been loads a single pretty teardrop down my cheek during this process.
But I did keep the most important things and stored it at my parents house, this includes almost all of my workstuff: fabrics, paint, notebooks, etc. And of course my most favourite dresses ;)

And what did I bring? One suitcase and one backpack and that’s it.

PERSONAL | Moving To Berlin
My favourite dresses in our Berlin apartment

I have never been a very spiritual person, so I won’t mention anything about how liberating getting rid of stuff feels, because it doesn’t. At least not for me. I miss my fabrics, shoes and things that I don’t need, but love to have. So I guess I am still in the transition period, having to get used to going about my daily live without my precious belongings.

The only things that we brought with us where clothes, my sewing machine, computer and camera gear, a few art supplies and tools and practical things for the cats (litter box etc.), oh and the two cats of course ;)

PERSONAL | Moving To Berlin
The view from our balcony

I have been in Berlin for almost two weeks now, and it still kind of feels like vacation, not home. But I think it just takes time. I started an intensive German course last week. Which means that I go to school 5 days a week, for a month to practice German, because I really can’t speak it at all.

And how can I afford all of this? I spend almost no money. I know, it’s the least favourite answer that you will want to hear. My previous homes where very cheap to live at, so I could almost live of the money that I make with this blog (which really is not much). I also saved a bit during that time, so that is how I pay for my German language course. And I also planned to apply for some part time jobs during my course month, so that I might have something when I finish the language school.

For now, it feels good. I am taking things very slow. I must admit that writing this blogpost had been on my todo list for two weeks and I have been writing bits and pieces of it in the last couple of days. It was hard to decide how much I wanted to share and how much to keep private. But I ended up writing just everything, because it might help you or inspire you guys or you might just find it entertaining to read;)

And as a treat, some more photos of our new temporary home and a cake store nearby (because, well, cake!)

PERSONAL | Moving To Berlin PERSONAL | Moving To BerlinPERSONAL | Moving To BerlinPERSONAL | Moving To Berlin


What do you think? Are we crazy for doing this, or are you inspired to do the same? Let me know! I would love to hear what you think!

I will keep you guys updated on what the next step will be. And no worries, crafts are universal so the regular DIY projects will never stop coming!!;)

PERSONAL | Hello 2016!!

Hello 2016


Hello my dear friends!!

Just a quick note to wish you all a wonderful new year!!

Setting goals for the new year is not really my thing, but I did decide that glitter and confetti are my new favourites. So maybe no dieting goals or trying to do what normally fits on a new years resolution list, just more glitter! ;)

In other words: I love you all and your super support for this blog and I wish that this year will be awesome for every single one of you!

xxx Lana

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

How about a blogpost that is all about shopping! Because let’s be honest here, one of the biggest perks of being a blogger is shopping for supplies!

In other words:

Today I am sharing my shopping trip for LRS newest DIY project with you, including shopping tips and tricks!

You can find me in all sorts of stores and markets very frequently because I am always in the need for new inspiration, craft supplies and well, cute dresses;)

This week I had the pleasure of collaborating with NS and their OV fiets. The OV fiets (bike) makes a day trip by train even more complete: you simply choose a city, jump on the train, pick a pretty OV fiets at your destination station and get the chance to discover a city in the real Dutch way: by Bike!

This made my shopping days a whole lot more practical. Instead of walking for hours with my shopping bags, I could just hop on the bike and visit many more places than I actually had in mind.
And also a very big plus: I could wear heels! I looove wearing pumps, but when I go to markets it just doesn’t work because it involves a lot of walking. Going by bike apparently also adds style:)

I found a very special person (aka boyfriend) that was willing to follow me all day to document what a shopping day in my home town of Utrecht would look like. And as a special treat for this post, we also shot a short video to really get in the city-bike-adventure mood:

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

L E T S   S T A R T – How I start my day? Deciding where I want to shop. In my own city (Utrecht) or somewhere else. I don’t own a car (or a drivers license for that matter) so I always take a train when I visit different cities. This time a stayed in Utrecht and went to the station to pick up the pretty OV fiets, as a starting point for my journey.

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

P R A C T A L   S U P P L I E S – I always need tape, paper, ribbon, etc. These items always come in handy for styling a photo or to decorate gifts. I usually go to Flying Tiger for these things, because they have so many cute products and an awesome vintage playlist in the store.

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

S H O P P I N G   L I S T – I am usually very organised but for some reason I always forget half the things that I need, so I keep a list on my phone that I check during the day, to make sure I don’t forget anything.

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My BicyclePERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

D I Y – My shopping list mainly consisted of supplies for my new Do It Yourself project. This time the supplies where a little bit more adventurous than usual: flowers! yes! For my new project, flowers will be the main ingredient.

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

L U N C H – Shopping? Eating! I actually put this one on my list! Because biking on an empty stomach is not a good idea. And it helps to take a break and go through your list again.  Today’s lunch was at Gys, one of my new favourite places.

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My BicyclePERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

F A B R I C   M A R K E T – I actually didn’t need any fabric for this project, but I couldn’t resist visiting the market and buying a few fabrics for future projects.
( I am actually working on a re-upholstering project and found the perfect fabric! Yay!)

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

A R T   SU P P L I E S – I love art supply stores, they just smell like projects and ideas. I bought some pretty linen paper here at Swaak and I had a pretty hard time not to buy everything they own.

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

T R E A T   Y O U R S E L F – Ok, ice cream wasn’t on my shopping list.. but I bought it anyway. The lesson I learned: you don’t have to follow your list by heart, sometimes something delicious will come in your way and you will just bike a bit faster to compensate;)

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

S H O P P I N G   W I S D O M – Sometimes I can’t find the exact supplies that I need and have to alter a project. I have learned that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it can force you to think different about the end result.

Today I didn’t find the flowers that I was looking for, but discovered that the once that I had bought worked even better than planned!

Can I finally tell you what the project is? Yes! I have been shopping for a Flower Print project!
It involves a very unusual technique, but it is so easy and the best part: it looks very pretty!

Here’s a sneak peek, you can find the complete tutorial on the blog!

PERSONAL | I Want To Ride My Bicycle

My day was so much fun! I found all of the supplies that I needed, had ice cream, visited a million places thanks to the very affordable OV bike: did you know that a bike online costs €3,15- a day! All you need is subscription ( €10,- per year, Dutchies only), and last but definitely not least: I got to do it all in my new favourite dress by Pepaloves!

Now that I have shown you my shopping routine, I am very curious to hear about yours! What are your tips? And do you also go by bike?

Let me know in the comment section below! xx Lana

OUTFIT | L1 – The First LRS Fashion Collection

OUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion Collection

I am incredibly excited to share this news with you: I just finished making my very first fashion collection!!

I have been working on it for the last few months in my spare time and I finally finished the lookbook yesterday. Hurray!

It has a strange butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling to it, to be sharing this with you. Because I usually make smaller projects and tutorials. But this feels way more personal.

The collection started as a ‘one dress’ project to pick up on my sewing and designing skills. But once I got back behind the sewing machine, I realised how much I missed to sew clothes.

To me it was a magical feeling: to turn a simple piece of fabric into something that makes me feel incredible when I wear it.

All of the materials have a funny story behind them, because I mainly used curtains mixed with fabrics I bought at a market stall. Yes, you are reading this correct! Curtains!

The curtains are all thrifted or secondhand from relatives and friends. I made sure that they are all ‘comfortable’ and ‘breathing’ fabrics, because we don’t need smelly thick granny curtains ;)
Vintage patterns combined with the floral and ‘subtle’ weaved materials, made using curtains a gorgeous challenge. And I am so happy with the end result and for making a conscious repurposed fashion line.

Because I upcycled most of the materials, I had to make the decision to make this collection a private one. These items are not for sale. But it is a preview of something that I am definitely going to make in the future when the right opportunity comes up.


This does not mean that I am totally making you crave for something that you can’t have. The colourful skirt has been hand painted using a very special technique. And the necklace on the white dress is also a new project of mine. Both will be on the blog very soon in the DIY section!


Please enjoy, the L1 collection:

OUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion CollectionOUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion Collection  OUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion Collection     OUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion CollectionOUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion CollectionOUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion CollectionOUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion CollectionOUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion Collection OUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion CollectionOUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion CollectionOUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion CollectionOUTFIT | L1 - The First LRS Fashion Collection


L1.1 – Floral multi-layered dress
L1.2 – Green wrap dress
L1.3 – Sequin crop top & Hand painted circle skirt – Find the Hand Painted Skirt DIY here
L1.4 – Pink lined floral coat
L1.5 – Floral evening gown
L1.6 – White summer dress & Tassel necklace – Find the Tassel Necklace DIY here

L1.1-6 Shoes designed by LRS

All items are designed, made, styled, photographed and shared by Lana Red Studio.

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich


No, this not a post that I wrote last summer, I just went back to Berlin this year!

Last year I visited this amazing city for the first time, and I immediately had the same crush like I felt when I visited New York City for the first time. I am just crazy about Berlin and was so excited to visit it again after a year!

The reason of my visit was to see my boyfriend, who has been working there on an amazing theater project as the video designer. So when he was working during the day, I explored the amazing Berlin on my own, and what a better way to do that, than by bike of course!

And the reason for this post? Just to share my love for this city, because I wish I could bring all of you with me and show you around, and make you fall in love with it, like I did!

My itinerary:

– Annoy people until I get fashion week tickets!!!
– Visit the Berlin fashion week with the tickets that I begged people to get (see previous point)
– Rent a bicycle and cycle around
– Eat a lot of vegetarian and vegan food (because in Berlin you actually have options in a restaurant as a vegetarian! no more mozzarella and tomato salad nights, hooray!)
– Visit the theater
– drink wine and read books, because cycling all day requires a reward

And yes, I completed the entire list!!

First of all let me tell you that getting the fashion week tickets was actually a bit easier than I thought. I emailed the agencies of fashion brands and attached this blogs mediakit and I got a lot of very nice responses, some kindly explained that they where full and others invited me to their show!

I ended up spending one full long day doing fashion week stuff. I planned on doing more, but if I am honest, the fashion scene at these events is not really my thing. I get pretty shy and being on my own at those events makes me a bit uncomfortable. So I picked my favourite shows and cycled around all day to get everywhere on time, and it was pretty amazing!

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

First, I obviously had to announce that I was visiting fashion week to everyone!(see above)
Then I got my press pass and quickly went to the Vonschwanenflügelpupke show right after. It wasn’t really a show, but models standing on blocks showing the new items. I loved the fabrics!

Vonschwanenflügelpupke is a duo that is known for designing beautiful prints on fabric, and they did an amazing job this time! Lot’s of DIY inspiration for me there. Especially the pen lines with watercolour effect!

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

Like I said, it’s a big fashion scene, I love the fashion, but the scene can be overwhelming. I felt a bit out of place cycling everywhere instead of hopping in and out of a taxi, but it was so practical! I even had time to stop by the central area and watch people, watching people ;) And got my nails done at a stand by a very kind girl, which is always awesome!

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

Later that day I went to the Vero Moda rooftop event. It was amazing! Nice music on a rooftop, pretty decor, tasty cocktails and some very pretty henna art! It was the prefect place to rest and be in the moment.

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

And to top my fashionweek day off, I went to the Holy Ghost fashion show. Which was actually hidden in a very cool urban area. After going through the big doors, It turned out that the runway was build on a swimming pool and that the show was timed for sunset. It was amazing!

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich

PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe DichPERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe Dich PERSONAL | Berlin, Ich Liebe DichAnd what else did I do? You know:

– Eating huge cakes,
– Cycling on an airport runway
– Reading in beautiful parks
– Hanging out with my boyfriend
– and most of all: Trying to enjoy every minute!!

I am definitely on going back soon, so please leave your tips about Berlin the comment section!!!